11-11-11 Friday (Evacuations)

My last entry was actually on Mike’s birthday.  That day I stopped off at the store and picked up a HUGE balloon and cupcakes to take to work.   We have to swipe our badge to get through a revolving door leading in/out of the building.  I got in with the balloon, cupcakes, lunch cooler, jacket and drink without incident.  The door has various sensors, at least one for weight and who knows what else.  I left work a little earlier than Mike so I didn’t get to witness it for myself but I heard the balloon caused him some issues. Let’s picture the situation as he described to me:

He tried to take it home.  He attempted going through the door several times only angering the revolving door gremlins and having them electronically yell various security related slurs (yes it talks).  I’m sure he was embarrassed.  I’m sure he may have even been a topic at the dinner table.  “So this guy with a huge balloon…”  During one of the many attempts he made, the balloon got caught in the door and nearly popped.  It was resilient.  The door backed off.  It knew who was boss.  Can you imagine the loud boom if it had popped?  That right there may have caused mass hysteria with an evacuation.  Headlines?  “Bank evacuates for balloon – 2 trampled”.   Surely balloons would be banned from our building.  All thanks to me.  Or thanks to Mike?  Who takes the blame?  At this point, if it had been me in this situation, I would have abandoned the damn thing and not told anyone.  Mike was dedicated to the cause.  Back to the story.  He decides to walk to the main entrance where no evil revolving doors exist.  It’s quite a hike there.  He makes it!  There’s no one around and the doors are locked.  He hikes back, takes the elevator back to the 3rd floor where he started, puts the balloon back at his desk, goes home, and is greeted by Billy who asks, “why are you so late?”  Happy birthday Mike.

2011-11-10 Mike's Balloon

Speaking of our huge facility, the light over the men’s room sink has been out for several days.  In speaking with a co-worker about the ridiculousness that can sometimes be a big corporation he suggested that with all of the managers and cleaning people in and out that you’d think someone reported it.  Perhaps that’s the problem.  Too many people have filled out form GHA-56a aka “Light Bulb Change Requisition Form”.  The light bulb change department is baffled.  How many bulbs does that bathroom have?  Maybe it was too bright to begin with?  This has gotten so big it’s made it to the board of directors and may be resolved over several meetings.  “This topic was resumed from last week's discussion, but is incomplete, pending resolution of some action items. It will be continued next week.  Let’s discuss the probable ban on balloons in the revolving door…”

Jim’s stepdad, Morgan, has been hospitalized with pneumonia and hasn’t been doing too well.  On Wednesday he was placed on a ventilator.  Jim left NC by car to be supportive to his mom in FL.  Jim made great time there and as of Thursday night, Morgan’s condition remains the same.

On a lighter side, Jim was in Walmart Thursday night and spotted a guy carrying a lemur.  He asked if he could take a photo and the guy said “sure, I get that all the time”.  Well of course you do, we love freaks.


The Fort Myers Walmart has a lemur-carrying-man, ours has a strolling Mariachi band.  What’s yours got (aside from PeopleofWalmart.com)?

How’s Clea and Dasher doing?  While washing one of the pet beds I temporarily replaced it with another.  Dasher didn’t care for it so he decided to lay on Clea.  Perhaps a snuggle?  Perhaps in protest.

2011-11-10 0092011-11-10 007

The fence is done!  We had the guy come back out to fix a few minor issues.  Many spots on the shadow box portion had nails that were too long thus creating a sharp object protruding.  Some hinge bolts went too far in, some wood didn’t meet up very well.  He cheerfully fixed it.  After all, we did hold back some of the money until he made good on it.

2011-11-09 005

The house has been coming together.  I steamed, washed, ironed and whatever else to get the guest room drapes, comforter and bed skirt looking nice and pretty.  I’ll take photos later.  I have to wait till Jim gets back to help me neatly put the bed skirt on. 

As of Friday morning, Morgan’s condition has improved a little.


  1. Dasher is mad at you! The look on his face is classic!

    Wish there was surveillance video of the balloon incident.

  2. I love the lemur !!! Now I want one. All the hair on his person....not so much.
    Nice fence. Keeps animals in and out without obstructing your view. Good choice.
    Hope Morgan keeps improving.

  3. The pix of Dasher totally invading Clea's personal space and totally not giving a F*** that he's doing it are AWESOME! :)

  4. Have not been to Walmart for weeks. Let me know if I missed anything.


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