10-19-11 Wednesday (Dangers!)

I kept pretty busy today.  There was a lot to do and I certainly didn’t get it all done.  I , of course, got some laundry done. 

I’ve been keeping things we don’t want in a pile for Goodwill.  Honestly the pile has grown into several piles.  We’ve decided to put what we can on consignment.  Unlike Goodwill, there will be some sort of monetary compensation, and unlike Craigslist, far less hassle.  So I took a few snapshots of the dinette furniture and gold couch, sent them to the consignment lady to see if she’d take them on.  She will.

Sofa 2

She only suggested taking photos of large items for pre-approval, smaller items can be brought in.

I sure miss Linen N Things.  The good news is that they still survive as an internet entity only.  The bad thing is that I hate ordering items that I’ve not seen in a store first, especially when it comes to décor items where colors may vary.  I took a trip to Bed Bath and Beyond and Anna’s Linens and picked up a valance for the kitchen window.  I want the Tuscan look sans the theme to appear every where.  I think they key is to have a few patterned themed items and the rest in complimentary colors.  I haven’t tried out my new purchases yet, I do have 3 from prior purchases to return because they were too sheer.

imageAbove: Stock photo from Anna’s Linen’s site.  I bought only the valance.

Next I went to a Kmart.  I haven’t been to one in a long time… mostly because the closest is 30 minutes away.  I did spot this while shopping:

2011-10-19 001Above: The straw placement.  Too funny.  They had a Buzz Lightyear too but his upper body swiveled and wouldn’t line up like this character. 

I struck out at Kmart.  There wasn’t anything there that I liked.  Once I got home I baked a cake.  Using a rose shaped Bundt cake pan that I have with some strawberry cake mix, I set out to create a gorgeous cake. 

2011-10-19 002

It’s been a few years since I’ve made it.  It always comes out so nice.  I then take a white icing and drizzle it down the sides.  It’s pretty… most of the time.

2011-10-19 003

I used Pam.  Pam let me down.  I think in the past I’ve used the flour spray (I didn't have any on hand).  Oh, and yes, I absolutely did drizzle the icing on it anyway.  Using my huge Tupperware cake holder, I entombed my disaster forever until Jim got home.  When he arrived, I joyfully shrieked, “I baked you a cake!”  He walked over, lifted the top, we laughed a lot and then had wine.  What’s wine got to do with it?  Absolutely nothing.  Perhaps if I had some prior to baking, it would have come out fine or I would have been too drunk to notice the deficiencies. 

Time to make dinner.  No, no, it went fine.  I made pork stir fry and it came out delish.  For something a little different, I bought a package of those Ramen type dehydrated cheap ass noodle things.  I discarded the 1260mg flavor salt packet.


The direction were a little amusing.  Read step 3, bold:

2011-10-19 004

The only thing better would have been some photo depicting the disaster.  Oh, like the one’s I’ve gotten before:

2008-09-18 Costco StaticAbove: Costco Sep 2008

2008-09-22 YS Danger SignAbove: Yellowstone Sep 2008

2008-09-28 CO BagAbove: A bag Sep 2008

2008-12-12 WA 27Above: Seattle Dec 2008

I live for this stuff.

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