11-7-11 Monday (Inconvenient Licking)

Psssst.  By the way, I've been blogging from work between calls.  Shhhhhhh.  I even read other people's blogs when time permits but with the computer restrictions, it won't let me comment on blogs that use embedded comment forms.  Oh well, I can't have everything I guess.  Anyway, sometimes I'm too busy, sometimes not.  Usually I type the text portion and then fit the fabulous photos in later at home.  Yes, I said fabulous.

On Sunday we invited Mike and Billy over to celebrate Mike's birthday.  It was the perfect excuse to get a lot more done in the house.  Jim staged the curio cabinet, and then Monday I removed everything, cleaned all the glass and put it all back together.  Jim is great at setting up the decor.  It's his specialty.  I just chime in when I don't like something but overall it's fabulous.  Yes, I said fabulous.

My specialty?  Organization via lists, drawer organizers, closets, etc.  It's my thing.

Before we started the mad rush to have things ready for entertaining, Jim and I went to Golden Corral for breakfast.  I made some observations within the first 15 minutes I was there:

  • The woman at the next table licked her fingers.  This is gross.  It's gross when cashiers do it to separate plastic bags.  It's even more gross when people do it while paying - who wants to touch your spit funk?  It's even more gross when you do that at a buffet and then handle serveware.  This is why Jim and I sanitize our hands constantly while at a buffet.  We get our plate of food, stop at a sanitizer, fill our free palm with sanitizing goo, return to the table, set the plate down, rub in sanitizer, pig out.  Despite the precautions we take, all I can say is ewwwww.
  • At the very same table, finger licking gal's companion takes out a napkin, tissue or other and blows his nose.  Go into the bathroom, blow your brains out and then wash your hands.
  • Several tables away, a woman removes her straw, makes the tip flat and picks her teeth.  THEN she tries to return it's shape and returns it to the cup and takes a drink. 
  • While straw explorer woman goes at it, her 12-14 year old dining companion keeps one leg up on a spare chair as if she’s chillaxing.  You know, constant trips to the buffet are awfully tiring.

I’m glad I was able to share that with you.  After a disturbing breakfast we went to Walmart.  Sometimes an equally disturbing place.  Once home it was time to organize, clean, hang pictures, etc.  Later, dinner with Mike & Billy.

2011-11-06 002Above: I made meatloaf, mashed potatoes, biscuits, green beans, corn.

2011-11-06 003Above: Mike is a chocolate lover, just like me.

2011-11-06 007

Ever hear the term “photo bomb”? It’s when a serious photo is taken but something funny, unexpected or the like happens in the background.  For example, see the next 2 photos of our cat Clea:

2011-11-06 004

Above/Below: Thanks Clea.

2011-11-06 005

Oh, and while I’m at it, ever see photos float around titled “There, I fixed it”?  Here’s Jim’s version of a shelf support while we wait for the drywall to get fixed.

2011-11-06 001

Remember when Jim tied a handheld mirror to the light fixture to be a wall mirror?  Refresher:


That brings me to today, Monday.  The fence guys are here for day 1 of 2 to build the fence!

2011-11-07 016

2011-11-08 0222011-11-07 013 
Hey future guest bedroom users, here’s the latest look thus far:

2011-11-07 014Above: Dubbed the “Twin Room” because of the daybed/trundle feature.  This room will be silver, a primary red and black.  A modern look. 

2011-11-07 015Above: We’ve retired the palm tree bedding for the “Queen Room”.  This room will be red, gold and brown.  I still need to get the bedskirt on and the rest of the bedding.  The drapes need steamed.

Now accepting reservations.  Fabulous.


  1. I think a trip to Golden Corral followed by Walmart is practically begging for exposure to grossness! I like to think of it as "adventure time". :)

    Loved the photo bombed pics. Those are priceless!

  2. I'm the same way about finger licking. I had a boss that licked her fingers to pick up papers every time. Also, she said Walmark; yes, with a k. She was a country Texan. I loved her though, she was good to me.
    Thanks for all of the pic's. I really enjoy them.
    Mike in Dallas

  3. Whaddya 'spect at a buffet? You get what you pay for. Not a buffet, but there's a K&W that opened near the office and everybody acted like it was the event of a lifetime. Bleah. Bland, overcooked food. At least the clientele is old enough they generally have better manners.

    That fence looks high enough to keep the deer out! Maybe it's just the perspective. If not, you'll have to plant a garden, or that would be a waste of a good fence.

  4. Wow! Suddenly I'm no longer hungry. What a great diet aid you've provided here, G. Bleh!

    House looks great. Love all the colors you've chosen.

    And the cat, well, they live in a world all their own. We just revolve around them :)

  5. The house looks great. The decorating is Fabulous and so is Jim's fix it job. I am so plain and ordinary I might not fit in with your fabulous house but Alix and I still want to come visit sometime. Right Alix? I do promise to not lick myself while eating or having my picture taken.

  6. I *love* it when you say "Fabulous!"

  7. You have to admit, the shelf fix IS ingenious. LOL!


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