2-14-09 Saturday (STD Day)

Well, if you hadn't noticed, I posted 2 entries from the last couple of days to catch up with the weeks events. You may have 3 entries to read.

Back to Saturday. We hadn't really done much today. It was more about me packing and figuring out what last minute stuff I need. We hadn't eaten any lunch and it was already 3pm. Off to Olive Garden we went for a Valentine's Day meal. I couldn't believe the place was so busy for VD. We only had a half hour wait and it was worth it. After Olive Garden then off to Target for some flight snacks and a couple of other things.

We're in San Diego, the flight leaves from Los Angeles at 11:59pm. We leave San Diego at 8pm and arrive at LAX at about 10:30pm. There's nothing to do for non-ticketed passengers so Jim leaves and heads back to the RV.
The flight was uneventful which was fine by me. It's the first time I've flown overnight.

2-15-09 With the Pacific to Eastern time change, I arrive at 10:30am in Fort Myers. I'm pretty tired; it was difficult to sleep with screaming children. Thanks parents.

I went to the baggage claim as indicated. I waited and waited for my suitcase. The belt stopped, my suitcase wasn't there. Several other people moved on to a different belt and I followed suit. Apparently from the time I checked the info board to the time I got to belt #1, they changed it to belt #3. Bastards.

My Dad and I got to his house and my Mom was very surprised. She was crying, hugging me tightly and shaking. I was teary-eyed too. She's been real sick for a few weeks.... I didn't know it was this bad. A few hours later, she seemed to be better with me just being here. I have that affect; what can I say.

I'm exhausted at 7:30pm, I can barely keep my eyes open so it's time for bed. I skipped a few minor details from today and as I think of them, I'll mention them along the way. Saturday and Sunday run together. It's all weird.


  1. I'm glad you are home. It sounds like your mom really needs you.

    Ha- the card on the roses Jeff sent me said "Happy VD. Not VD VD but Valentine's Day VD." I have to wonder what the person who processed the order was thinking!

  2. Welcome home Garret. We can't wait to see you. :o)

  3. I wondered why you weren't posting anything for several days. I sure hope your mom gets better soon!

  4. Garret, sorry to hear about your family situation.... take care, we wish you and your family well!


  5. Garret...you absolutely made the right call and I hope everything is all better soon!!!


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