2-17-09 Tuesday (Hospitalization X 2 )

2-16-09 My Mom's guest bed was so comfy. I crashed at 8pm last night; and slept until 9am this morning. If my Mom hadn't woken me up, who knows what time I would have slept until.

I took my Mom to her doctor's visit this morning. My Mom had been to the emergency room the other day and at today's doctor's visit, he was angry that they released her. He ordered my Mom back to the hospital. My mom has had abdominal pain/cramps for 8 weeks, a diarrhea for 4 weeks. Diarrhea has been so bad it's been every 1/2 hour and she's lost 12 pounds in 1 week!

My Mom is now in Gulf Coast Hospital. I have some bitches about the care but I can’t keep up with the blog right now. There’s too much goin’ on.

2-17-09 I never got this published from yesterday. Today I went to a different hospital to visit my Uncle Alan. (I spoke about him in a previous post) He’s not doing so well, so the family is organizing Hospice stuff. Meanwhile, the lies to my very elderly Grandmother deepen about what’s going on.

Last night I went to the local gay club, The Bottom Line for a “Healing of the Hearts” benefit with proceeds to go to AIDS/HIV organizations. I was able to spend some time with dear friends Mike and Dave, and of course I drank like a fish. 4 cocktails. I got to bed at 2AM.


  1. Post when you can, even to just let us know that you're hanging on. I hope your mom gets well and your uncle has some peace.

  2. I don't know who these "Dear Friends" you're talking about are, but we sure enjoyed your company... Or maybe you're talking about Deer Friends, there's no telling what sort of forest riff-raff you've grown accustomed to hanging with in your journeys through the wilderness.

  3. P.S. - The bar called to say that they found your underwear in the parking lot and your left shoe in the Ladies Room. No word yet on your pants. We've managed to kill the news story that was going to run in the paper today, but haven't been able to buy back the pictures they took. Just be grateful the hickeys will heal over time and that drag queen isn't pressing charges.

  4. Thinking of you lots and lots, Garret.

  5. Stay strong, Garret. Lots of folks are here for you.

  6. So happy to see you again, Garret. My sisters and I have missed you, and I have to catch up on your posts. I'm sorry you are having to cope with so much family illness. Stay strong.

    Love you lots.


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