1-23-16 Port Canaveral, FL

We bought Carnival’s Faster to the Fun pass.  This was pretty awesome. $60 per cabin.

  • Priority Check-in with Express Boarding -The quicker you board the ship, the quicker you're holding a frosty drink.
  • Guaranteed Stateroom - Your stateroom will be ready as soon as you board, so you can relax or freshen up for the fun you're about to have.
  • Express Luggage - Your luggage will be expedited to your stateroom so you can unpack and get settled in for a great vacation!
  • Guest Services - You'll have a dedicated phone number and line at Guest Services so you can
    quickly have your questions answered.


We got onboard fast.  Jim and I took a chance on an odd shaped large room in the very back of the ship.  We read reviews, viewed photos and just generally researched the heck out of it the best we could. We took room 2470.  Reviews indicated a lot more noise, vibration and movement.  The room was large.


2016-01-23 0092016-01-23 0102016-01-23 011

Beth and Anne had room 2400.  They liked their room and were happy to not have ours.  Once they stepped into ours while the boat was moving, they had to leave.  It was too much for them. 

We ate lunch at the buffet, Rosie’s.  I was pretty impressed.  I don’t remember other cruise lines having unique customer creation stations like this.  They had a deli (sandwich) window, burrito window, fish & chips station (fried fish and other fishly things), Mongolian Wok (you put the stirfry ingredients in a bowl and they cook it up).

We explored the ship, returned to our cabin and found our luggage had already arrived (thanks to Faster to the Fun).  We unpacked and then found a spot to stand as the ship sailed away. 

2016-01-23 122

2016-01-23 118Above: Beth, moi, Jim

For the most part, we avoided the buffet (although it was tasty) when possible.  All dinners were spent in the dining room using the “my time dining” option.  The food was awesome.  I’m sure I’ll mention it again within the blog later on.

The water was so rough.  It was horrible.  I guess those storms we ran away from were still messing with us.  Beth gets extreme motion sickness so this cruise was a gamble for her in general.  Oh, she was prepared.  We had those pressure point wrist bands with us and she had that motion sickness prescription patch.  It worked for her despite some minor drowsy side effects.  Me?  I was feeling queasy.

2016-01-23 013Above: Jim posed with a strange statue in the “Paris Hot” lounge.  Strange bar.

Pics from dinner:

2016-01-23 014Above: Beth and I

2016-01-23 015Above: Anne & Jim

2016-01-23 016Above: If I remember, this was brisket and was delicious. 

For entertainment, most every night we played some trivia game, saw a show and or a comedian or two. It’s difficult, nor necessary, to name each night’s show.  Well, maybe I will.  Not sure.  OK, tonight was the “Welcome Aboard Show” and the dancers were horribly out of sync anytime they performed.

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