1-22-16 Friday (Savannah & Jacksonville)

Before I even mention today’s actual stuff, I have to clarify our change of plans.  We were to leave today (Friday) but due to an ice storm coming to Charlotte Thursday late night/Friday early morning, we had to head for the hills.  Well, the flatlands of Florida.  Jim coordinated a Hilton Homewood Inn hotel in Jacksonville for Friday night but that would have been too far a drive with our change to leave Thursday night.  So, we had reservations in Savannah as well.  After work, we finalized our packing and headed to Beth and Anne’s for departure.  Dinner at Culver’s.  Mmmmmm.  4 hour drive to Savannah with a midnight-ish check-in.

We expected better of the room.  It was a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room with wood burning fireplace and kitchenette.  Our toilet was a little dirty and had a ring in it.  The girls had a glass in their room that was so filthy, it was scary.  The tubs looked dirty and stained.  Upon closer inspection it looks like they had been previously painted or something.  Ann and Beth wouldn’t use their tubs while Jim and I did.  I took a handwipe and rubbed vigorously at a spot in the tub to see if any dirt came off.  No dirt so I’m thinking it was just stained. 

The fireplace was real nice.  It came with one of those paper/starter logs.  We really didn’t get to enjoy it since we were all so tired.  That was Thursday…

Friday was an easy day.  We just needed to drive to Jacksonville.  We checked out of our hotel and stopped in Eulonia, GA for dinner.  We saw signs for Dockside restaurants and followed them up some creepy back streets to a marina.  Ultimately, upon arrival, we decided against eating here.  It looked like there may have been a couple of places but one was closed and the other looked like it should have been.  We went to Altman’s Restaurant.  It was a small town restaurant with nice people and good food. 

We checked into a nicer but smaller Hilton Homewood.  Again, a 2 bedroom, 2 bath.  This time, no fireplace. Sad face.

In search of supplies, snacks, bottled water and the like, we hopped into the car and stocked up at Target.  The hotel was within a shopping mecca so everything was in walking distance.  We had an appetizer and adult beverage dinner at the Cheese Cake Factory.  A great start to our vacation.

Photos from the day:

2016-01-22 008Above: Jim, Beth, Garret, Ann.  Yes, I (Garret) knows he’s gotten fatter.

2016-01-22 005Above: Me and Anne.  Backseat besties.

2016-01-22 006Above: Jim.  He drove most of the trip.

2016-01-22 007Above: Beth.  Vehicle owner and driver relief.

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