1-27-16 Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan

Today’s port of call was Roatan, Honduras.  We were supposed to scuba dive here but cancelled the day before due to Jim feeling sick.  We weren’t sure he’d be well and the excursions have to be cancelled 24 hours in advance.  Beth and Ann stayed aboard.  Jim and I decided to check the port out.  We got off the boat, the heat/sun sucked.  We took a trail through the woods which was a great way to cool off.  Up a path, atop a hill, we found a swing.  It was a great view point, cool in the shade and off the main path.  We attempted to walk into the beach area but it was very hot.  We decided to go back to the boat.  I was sweat drenched.  It felt awful.  We found a shady spot to cool off and eventually made it back to the cruise port entry way shops where we browsed around some air conditioned stores to cool off.  We got a few souvenirs.  T-Shirts and a Christmas Ornament.  Nothing spectacular. 

2016-01-27 104

Back on the ship, we met up with the girls and found a quiet semi-private place to play Cards Against Humanity.  Beth and Anne had never played.  Jim and I had only played once previously.  They enjoyed the game.  We had a fantastic time.  We laughed.  A lot.    

2016-01-27 103Above: Towel critter of the day.

Cat in the HatAbove: A fun photo shoot we did.  I loved it and bought it.  $20!

Tonight’s entertainment = Love and Marriage Show – I think this is another common cruise ship game.  Think Newly Wed game only there’s 3 couple with varying degrees of marriage lengths.  70 years (yep and they were so darn cute), 15 years, and 10 days.  All 3 couples won.

Since this is a light entry, it’s a good time to share Carnival’s daily newsletter.  Each cruise line has one.  They’re all similar.  It’s a list of activities, reminders, restaurant/shop hours, and entertainment for the day. 

Carnival FunTimes0001

Carnival FunTimes0002

Carnival FunTimes0003

Carnival FunTimes0004

Below is a tear out (back and front) that has all the activities in a nice list by time format.  The reverse side was everything food related. 

Carnival FunTimes0005

Carnival FunTimes0006


  1. I have been to Roatan a few times. Best scuba diving we have done. But I will have to message you some of the stories from there!!!

    1. Ooooo, sound like good stories!

      I thought of you 2 when we wanted to go Scuba diving. A remembered from previous FB posts that you guys had been there.


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