1-24-16 At Sea

Rough seas.  Holy crap.  Well, basically a continuation of last night’s roughness.  We tried to make the best of it.  We went to the At Sea Brunch (or names similarly).  I was a little queasy again.  We went midship and sat at the lower decks.  This tends to have the least amount of movement.  It was a great day to nap… 

By the way, previous cruiser friend, Jill, spotted 4 cases of water piled in our room and asked if we carried those on board.  Good question Jill! 

2016-01-23 010

Nope, we preordered them for $2.99 a case and they were delivered to our room.  Here’s an article about it.  Oh, and here’s what Carnival says:  https://help.carnival.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/2634/~/liquor-and-beverage-policy-q%26a

It’s a great policy and handled very well… I think. 

2016-01-24 018Above: Towel critter.

2016-01-24 021Above: The dining staff put on a quick “show” and had everyone wave their napkins while someone sang “That’s Amore”.

Prime rib and lobster were on the menu.  Anne and I don’t like lobster so we only had the prime rib. Beth and Jim had both.  Both entrees were amazing.  Good job Carnival!

2016-01-24 127Above: Me and Beth

2016-01-24 026Above: A view to the American Lobby where all the trivia games were held.

2016-01-24 027Above: Ann and Beth.  Making fun of the over-done eagle theme.

2016-01-24 028Above: Jim, Anne and Beth.  Look, it’s an eagle.


Show in the theater = Nightclub Express: A journey through music at best known night clubs like Studio 54, etc.  I enjoyed the singing but the dancers, as usual were out of sync.

70’s music trivia… nope didn’t win.

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