1-25-16 Cozumel, Mexico

We booked a great excursion to Xplor Park.  What a fun place.  Read the description below, or don’t. 

Xplor Park is a unique underground world, with amazing circuits that invite you to rediscover your emotions and senses within nature. Feel the excitement of flying between trees and into caves with 14 Zip-lines, an adventure with water landings and bridges. Swim along in a river with stunning underground sceneries and surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. Discover the ancient secrets of this amazing underground world. 

Take a Raft and enjoy along underground rivers in spectacular caves and grottoes, paddle with your own hands and discover the extraordinary rock formations. Drive through the roads of the exotic Caribbean, where grottoes, caves and bridges will fill your engine with adrenaline. Enjoy the thrill of riding between caves, jungle and water!  A portion of the excursion involves driving an easy to operate amphibious vehicle into the trails.

It started with a 40 minute ferry ride to Playa Del Carmen where we boarded a bus to the park.  Daniela, our tour guide, was awesome.  There were 2 groups of 4 for a total of 8 of us in her group.  She called each of our groups “family”.  When she wanted the 4 of us to follow or such, she would say, “OK family…” in her broken English voice.  It was a phrase we used (accent all all) throughout the remainder of our vacation. 

We started with the ziplines.  There were a lot of them.  Part of the excursion deal was that we skipped ahead of the lines.  There were no more than 3 people waiting their turn at a time.  This made it really awesome.  Some of the lines were very high up and others were designed for speed.

At one of the rest stops, we saw a strange (to us) animal.  We didn’t bring our camera into the park due to the water and such so I don’t have a photo.  We asked what it was and was told it was like a raccoon to us in the states.  It’s called a Coati.  Here’s a photo off the internet.


The next activity was a river float/swim in the caverns.  The water was so cold but we got used to it pretty fast. 

Included in park admission was a good buffet.  We had 45 minutes (plenty of time) to eat before starting the next activity…  ATV’s.  This was fun too.  Next activity… paddle rafts.  We had these hand paddle things.  Anne and I didn’t do very well.  We couldn’t steer well and it was just overall miserable for us.  Oh well. 

The park took a ton of photos of us all throughout our activities.  They knew who was who based on the helmets we wore which was numbered and had a microchip.  The photo package was very steep at $90 for all of your photos.  We combined photos with the other group of 4 and split it up in cash.  We shared the link and download code with one another.

At the end of the day, we hopped back on the bus with no extra time to spare and boarded the ship for departure.

Here’s some of the many, many photos the park took (we purchased):

2016-01-25 002Above: Photo op prior to actually riding the vehicles.

2016-01-25 034Above: Anne and Beth.  That camera knew just when to snap the photo.

2016-01-25 035Above: Same photo point as the pic above.  This was just as we went through a lot of muddy water which splashed up all over us.

2016-01-25 038Above: Jim masters the waterways.

2016-01-25 049Above: Yep, that’s me all sideways.  I didn’t do very well at this activity. 

2016-01-25 042Above: Beth and Anne.

2016-01-25 060Above: Jim and I.

2016-01-25 068Above: Jim, me, Beth and Anne.

2016-01-25 069Above: Beth, Anne and perhaps Jim.

2016-01-25 074Above: Beth looked like a pro in every shot.

2016-01-25 079Above: me

2016-01-25 080Above: Another pro shot of Beth.

2016-01-25 092Above: Anne.

This was awesomely fun!


Non-park photos

2016-01-25 031

2016-01-25 004

2016-01-25 005

2016-01-25 006

2016-01-25 009

2016-01-25 011Above: Our ship is in the background.

2016-01-25 022

Today’s entertainment:

Gender Showdown – The audience is split into 2, men against women.  They ask each other a trivia question about the opposite sex’s typical interests.  For example, men ask the women a trivia question about plumbing.  Women then ask the men to answer a question about a designer.  The team captains gather answers and are the spokespeople for the team.  That’s pretty much it.

Motown music trivia.  Nope, we didn’t win this one either.

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