1-29-16 At Sea & 1-30-16 Port Canaveral

Today wasn’t very eventful.  Some of us took naps, some gambled in the casino, some hung out here and there.  Mix this in with brunch and cocktails making this a relaxing day.  Oh, we did participate in the 90’s music trivia.  No win.

I don’t even have photos worth posting.  Here’s 2 towel critters.

2016-01-29 114

2016-01-29 117

1-30-16 Port Canaveral

Off the boat we need to go.  The worst part of the cruise is disembarkation.  It’s typically a mess.  The Faster to the Fun pass gave us another great perk…  Off the ship faster.  We gathered at 8am, was off the ship and through customs in under 30 minutes.  Best disembarkation experience ever.  We drove home, an approximate 8 hour drive, while I blogged in the back seat. 

Overall review of mine and Jim’s 8th cruise, first Carnival Cruise:

Dining: The buffet was very good especially for lunch.  We ate in the main dining room every night.  The food was excellent and I hate to say it… it might be the best food on a cruise we’ve ever had.  Seriously.  There’s few foods that we said “nope, don’t like it.”  Most items were great and others surprisingly delicious.  The desserts were underwhelming.  Service was hit or miss.

Entertainment:  The dancing was terrible.  Always out of sync.  Jim and I liked the shows themselves… Beth and Anne weren’t impressed.  We enjoyed the trivia.  Bingo was a rip off.  We paid $40 each for 3 rounds and found the payoff was only $120.  There were so many people playing and that’s the best they could do?  The bingo MC was annoying.  The comedy shows were in the George Lopez Punchliner Comedy Club (George Lopez wasn’t on the cruise) and they were awesome.  Several different comedians throughout the week along with different shows made this a winner for us.

Ship: The cabins were fine, and well cared for.  They could use a color scheme change but nice overall.  The ship decor was nauseating at times.  The theme is American Heroes.  Here’s what Cruisecritic.com had to say “Heads of Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and other patriots adorn the atrium's sculptural frieze, faux gilded eagles perch on pedestals near the elevator banks, and the hallway art often suggests heroic or historic moments.”  Enough about that.  There was a strange fowl sewer odor here and there.  It’s gross.  It’s not all over, all the time, but it’s there.

The cruise was awesome.  The value was there.  We’d come back for sure.

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