1-28-16 Costa Maya, Mexico

Today, we’re in Costa Maya.  Unfortunately, we’re only in the port from 7:30 to 2:30.  We were up pretty late and never made it into port.  No big deal for Jim and I since we’ve been here several times.  Beth and Anne weren’t concerned since their preference was to relax.  We spent a good part of the day on the Lido deck, in the shade, near the pool, near the pool bar, enjoying adult beverages (Peach Daiquiris, yum!) playing Phase 10 and Cards Against Humanity.  We hung out with a new friend, Tim, who joined us to play Cards Against Humanity. 

2016-01-28 107

Above/Below: Anne

2016-01-28 108


2016-01-28 109Above: Beth

2016-01-28 110Above: Tim

2016-01-28 111Above: Jim

All week we’ve been playing various trivia games as a group and tonight we finally won with 30 out of 30 points for 80’s music trivia.  Basically a Name That Tune game.  Beth and Jim did 95% of the work.  The Cruise Director, Mat, gives 2 different types of awards.  A plastic ship statue which he lovingly calls “ship on a stick” and a plastic gold medallion on a ribbon dubbed “bling on a string”.  We won the coveted ship on a stick.

2016-01-29 113

2016-01-29 112

Tonight’s show = “Far from Over”.  Another singing/dancing theater show with 80’s music/themed and bad dancing.

Other photos:

2016-01-28 106

2016-01-28 105Above: Me making fun of the ship decor.

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