7-29-13 Monday (Media Separation)

-clouds-clipart-1It’s Saturday and I’m blogging to you live from Augusta, GA.  Capital of, well, I’m not sure of what.  Lately I’d guess clouds and rain.  I think 80% of our spring/summer here thus far has been craptastic weather. 

Friday night the usual.  Pickup Jim, Publix subs, drive to Augusta. We set up and then headed to the pool for a swim.

Back to Saturday… Jim is in the shower right now.  I’m waiting for him so we can grab some lunch and go coat/jacket shopping.  We looked at our jacket inventory the other day and we need to dress in layers for the Alaskan cruise.  Typical temps for the time of year we’ll be there is 40-60.  I love those temps!  I’m thinking we’ll be wearing a t-shirt, a sweater or polo, a hoodie and a light jacket.  That gives us 4 layers.  I think that would be good.

Jim found an electric mower for sale on craigslist. $50.  Sold.  He mowed the RV “yard”, trimmed some bushes and trees and what nots.  I remained in the RV looking pretty.  I’d gaze out the window here and there and bat my eye lashes. 

1653_229_BollWeevil.JPG_theme_imagesWe went out to dinner to Boll Weevil Café with Jeff and Paul.  Jim and I had been there a few weeks ago and were seated at a booth.  Every time the server came to the table, he stood behind Jim.  Jim couldn’t see him.  Why he couldn’t just stand at the end of the table is beyond me.  It was really annoying.  We said nothing.  This time we were seated at the exact same table, same server who did the same thing as the previous time.  Jim said, “Hey (whatever his name was), can you come over here and make eye contact when you’re talking to me?”  The server complied although he seemed annoyed about it… like a child who had been scolded. 

Sunday we left early to return to Charlotte for the last night of Restaurant Week.  We had dinner at Ruth’s Chris with Ruby, Jamie, Beth and Anne.  Much like our last visit there (my birthday), service wasn’t what it should have been.  Several times we had to ask for refills.  Anne’s fillet came over cooked.  That’s not the waiter’s fault but usually the server stands there at food delivery and asks everyone to cut into their steaks and make sure it’s to their liking.  That didn’t happen.  Anne sent the steak back.  It came back and the manager or whomever, asked her to cut into it.  Way underdone.  Back it went. 

Jim and I upgraded from the 6oz to the 11oz filet.  Mmmmmmmmmmm.

It was time for dessert and it was a predetermined (cheesecake) choice for restaurant week.  We weren’t expecting them to come out.  We expected the server to say something like “your meal comes with cheesecake.  Would anyone care for something different or perhaps a (insert special coffee here)?”  Despite the arrival of the cheesecake, Anne ordered Crème Brûlée and a specialty coffee.  The dessert came fast.  The coffee didn’t come until everyone was finished with dessert.  She returned it.  The waiter apologized and asked her to please enjoy it and there was no charge.  Poor Anne.  They didn’t charge for the dessert and coffee.

When we were going to order, the server said, “you can get a different salad; you just pay the difference in price.”  3 of us ordered a different salad that was $8.  It was the same price as the one included.  When Jim and I got our bill, $16 was listed for 2 salads.  We asked the server.  Apparently what he meant vs what he said were two different things.  What he meant was that the restaurant allocated $3.50 (how would we know that?) for the salad and so we would have to pay the difference of $8 – $3.50.  That doesn’t explain the full price on the check but he took off $16 from the check when we “complained”.

Typically we’ll give a little slack for Restaurant Week.  I think it were too many issues and the lack of seeing our server didn’t help.

When we had our sprinklers installed, they had a trenching machine that severed our cable. Time Warner replaced the cable with no charge but left the cable running along the top of the ground since May 30th.  On Sunday when we came home from Augusta, the cable/phone/internet wasn’t working.  I went outside to check that cable along the ground and it was severed.  I think the neighbor’s lawn service got it.

2013-07-28 001

I called Time Warner, they said they couldn’t come out till Tuesday.  On Monday it was repaired by about noon.  Go Time Warner!  Yay!

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