7/21/13 Sunday (Re-Wear, Is That A Word?)

This “holy shit that’s a lot of money” moment is brought to you by Tide, for a brilliant clean every time.

One of the many cruise ships we looked at had a coin operated laundry facility somewhere on board.  There’s been times when we’ve run low on socks or something because we changed outfits or a stain or something like that.  It would just be nice to know that if needed, we can wash clothes other than in the bathroom sink.  Jim asked if this was the ship with the laundry.  I looked it up.  No, it’s not and here’s the awful pricing:


There’s also price lists for dry cleaning and pressing only.  $1.95 for a pair of socks?  Sheesh.  Who would pay $2.95 to clean a swimsuit that you’re going to get wet?  My master plan is after wearing shirts and pants to hang those back up or neatly fold them rather than wad them up into a wrinkled point of no return.  This way, if we need to re-wear something, it looks good.  We plan to bring undershirts to help keep shirts clean.  Oh, and we plan to pack heavy so hopefully we won’t have to re-wear stuff at all.  I’m a wear it once kinda guy.

Saturday at the campground was all about the pool and a fantastic weinie roast.  It was a great day. 

Sunday we departed Augusta fairly early, came home, grocery shopped rapidly, straightened up the house and then had Beth, Angie, Ruby and Jamie meet at our house for some wine.  Next stop?  Chima for this year’s Restaurant Week.  I’ve mentioned Restaurant Week a ton of times in prior posts.  LOVE it.  LOVE Chima.  We had a great time.  I didn’t take any photos.  I had the camera with me.  I’m just slipping I guess.

Next week my vegan coworker friend, Jessica, is going there.  Good luck with that. 


  1. $1.95 may be a lot for a pair of socks, but I'm happy to see they don't have gender-specific pricing. Most women's shirts etc. cost at least 25% more to get cleaned at most dry cleaners. But that's the cool thing about a cruise; you don't have to keep cramming your clothes back into your suitcase.

    1. Our 6th cruise! Yay. As far as women's clothes, that's what I was afraid of too so I was going to leave them home.

  2. Thought you were going to start complaining about the price of Tide.... that stuff is not chea, but does a good job..

    You planning on replacing "The Turd" with a mobile home? If so, may want to consider a "park model"

    1. My favorite is a 5th wheel with a u shaped kitchen. Park models are hard to come by. Bumper pulls don't tend to have the setup that I like. A mobile home would have to be a 12' wide because that's all that will fit through the gate. Since we're in an all gay RV park, we'd be able to sell the mobile home if need be. There's several full time residents here too. We don't plan to RV anymore since it's expensive.


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