8-17-13 Saturday (Tipsy Painters*)

Prior to my mom and Aunt Donna’s arrival, I bought a Groupon to do one of those painting classes where you bring wine and have fun.  We’ve done one of these previously and had a lot of fun so I though this would be that unique thing we could so while Mom was in town.

2013-08-17 003Above: This is the artist’s painting we’re going to paint.

2013-08-17 001Above:  JoAnn (Mom), Aunt Donna and Jim.

2013-08-17 002

We had such a fun time!

2013-08-17 011

2013-08-17 010

2013-08-17 013

2013-08-17 019

2013-08-17 022

2013-08-17 025

2013-08-17 030

* Alaska trip posts will be coming soon!

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  1. I'm a pathetic painter. But I would imagine that with a glass or two of wine I would do better just because I wouldn't be so hung up on my lack of talent. Booze builds confidence! :)


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