8-10-13 Saturday (Protable Scales For Weigh)

First, I’ll catch you up on some photos that have been lurking in my phone and on my camera:


Dear neighbor,

Thanks for making the neighborhood trashy with your uncut lawn and a deflated balloon on your mailbox for like a week or something.  It sure was pretty.


Well, it really doesn’t matter

Yes, I took the photo below and no I won’t make political comments.


How about a lesson in proper English:


In case you couldn’t see it, it reads “Can’t nobody do me like Jesus!” Really. 

2013-08-07Above is my friend and coworker Jessica’s license plate.  She’s a Vegan.  Any guesses what this is all about?  Answer at the bottom…

That’s all the old stuff.  Let’s talk about the cruise again.  I started sorting through a Rubbermaid-ish bin full of “stuff” for the cruise and checking off the contents from my anal retentive packing checklist.  Don’t hate.  Someday you too can, never mind, you got it or you don’t.  So I came across the digital luggage scale I bought.  We need to be sure the luggage doesn’t go over the limit otherwise it’s a hefty charge.  Pause here and think about the need for a luggage scale.  Got it?  Not really?  Geez, as so many people ask “why not just use a bathroom scale.  Weigh yourself with and without the luggage and subtract the difference.”  Genius….. or not.  That may work for getting there but what about packing to come home?  See.  Right.  Ah ha.  Now let’s move on to my story and perhaps we can focus on your lack of problem solving skills later.  So, I took the scale out, inserted batteries and then saw the cover page of the owner’s manual.

Scale 1

Protable” Scale, did you catch that?  Damn you’re slow, go look again but hurry it up, we’re almost out of time.  See?  So I decided I had to checkout the contents of the manual.  Surely if such as major mistake was made on the cover, the inside would be filled with fun.  Ready?

Scale 2Did you know that with some of my blog elfin magic, when you click on a picture it will open a brand new, fresh as a Summer’s eve, window for your viewing pleasure?  Try it now.

Did you catch all those great examples of Engrish?  And finally, here’s the last page:

Scale 3

Amusing, huh?  The price I paid was even more amusing:

Scale 4

Yeah, I can deal with the spelling errors, and actually that’s probably a bonus to me.

On Friday, I went to a Chinese buffet and took a to-go container back to work.  My fortune:


It was really my fortune.  I’m so keeping it.  Jim and I just hope it has nothing to do with life rafts.  I must say though, typically if someone says “boats” wouldn’t you think of water?  So was it really necessary to say “boat and water”?  I know, it’s me.  I nitpick.  A lot.  On Friday night we arrived in Augusta.  I will be our last trip probably till September 6th.

Saturday we met up with Warren of Warren and Bob here at the campground.  They were on the same cruise ship with the same Alaskan itinerary 2 weeks ago.  It was absolutely awesome to ask about the sights, food, cabins, ship, ports, etc.  They had nothing negative to say… yes, I’m sure I’ll find something too.  Thanks for wondering.

In the eve we attended a farewell party to one of the campground’s full time residents, George.  He’s moving but will be back on weekends here and there.  It was so effing hot out, I think it was 95°.  I was dyin’.  Jim went back to the RV for a drink refill and brought me back a wet wash cloth.  That helped quite a bit.  Unfortunately we didn’t stay very long.


2013-08-07Answer: Think zombies, Vegan zombie.  Her husband, Cole, a meat eater, was going to get “BRAAINS” for his car but it wasn’t available.  Isn’t that hilarious?


  1. I love Engrish! The last few times I've bought things with owner's manuals, the English was perfect and I was very disappoint.

    1. LOL. Yeah, unfortunately, most of my stuff has been normal too.


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