8-22-13 Thursday (Packed)

Jim and I took to today off... tomorrow is the cruise.  Throughout this week, I took half days off so I could visit with my Mom and Aunt Donna.  I’d leave work at 12:30 and then pick them up to have lunch out and about.  We did some errands together and I even made cookies while they were here.  Aunt Donna helped.

2013-08-18 0022013-08-18 001

Today we packed.  I took care of health and beauty stuff, and Jim took care of clothing. 

2013-08-22 004

He’s fantastic at packing in such a way that we rarely have wrinkled clothes.  The drawback to him packing is that he overpacks… all the time.

2013-08-22 012Above: Three of the largest suitcases US Airways allows, plus 2 smaller carryons and 2 “personal items” (knapsacks). 

I have posts for each day of the cruise ready to publish.  I plan to post 1-2 a day so bear with me.

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