6-2-13 Sunday (Feminine Shapes)

A couple of weeks ago they started installing the sprinkler system.  They ran into lots of issues.  The ground is filled with rocks, stones and clay.  They needed to bring in some machinery to get into the ground.  First they called to have the utilities marked.  On Thursday, they had to bring on one of these.


The owner guy said that usually he doesn’t have these issues but our ground is tough.

Thursday night our cable, phone and internet didn’t work (all through Time Warner).  I’m sure they severed a line.  They said they didn’t but we’ll found out after Time Warner sends someone out Saturday (we’ll be in Augusta). 

On Friday, I came home to see this.


No workers present.  I emailed the photo to the sprinkler dude with “they left my yard like this?”  Tools and parts all over.  He emailed back an apology stating that a father and son team was working and the son fell ill, the father took him to the doctor.  I don’t know what happened.

I loaded up the RAV4 with the last minute stuff, grabbed Dasher, picked up Jim, we ate some Publix subs and made it to Augusta.

On Saturday we got up late. I have to tell you, that over the past few visits, we’ve been darkening the bedroom.  We bought truck size reflective sun visors to put in the bedroom windows.

Having it nice and dark and cold has been awesome.  Maybe too awesome.  We didn’t wake up till 11am.  I felt like a teenager.

We went to lunch with Jeff and Paul to Nacho Mamas.  This was one of the places that was closed last weekend.  Jim and I both has quesadillas.  Jim’s was a custom order veggie combo of mushrooms, spinach, and zucchini.  Mine was pork and black bean. We also all shared guacamole and a queso dip.  Both very good as well.  It was pretty good food, we’ll be back.

When we got back to the campground, we headed to the pool.  The water was much warmer than last week.  The sun was strong, the water cool, it made for a nice time.  Afterwards, it was nap time! 

I’m not sure how long we slept but when we woke up we lounged around, eventually got dressed and went to a Chinese restaurant, New Ming Wah.  We ate there last year.  We had a family platter and we took home 3 large containers of left overs.  It was tasty.


On Sunday, we readied the RV for it’s week without us. We close the blinds, vacuum/mop, empty the black and gray tanks, collect the towels, drain the ice maker, take out the trash and cut off the water supply.  We then went to the Boll Weevil for lunch.  We enjoyed our meal, returned to the RV to finish up last minute stuff, collect Dasher and then hit the road for the 3 hour drive.  That’s much different from a 3 hour tour. 

I need to catch up on some photos I had in my phone.  Ready?

2013-05-03 044Above: This was in the hallway of my office building.  I really wanted to cap it with an electrical wire nut and write, “there, I fixed it.”

2013-05-04 045Above: Really?  Are you too stupid to boil pasta and open a jar of sauce?  I can’t even imagine this tasting any good.

2013-05-05 046Above: Meanwhile at Walmart.  American Crown, made in China.  Face palm.

2013-05-07 047Above: Everyone at work got a Dixie cup with soil and wildflower seeds to support a slogan/program they had going on.  Mine sprouted in a day or two.  A coworker’s did not.  She just about obsessed about it.  One night (mine had several more sprouts by this time) after she left, I took mine and swapped it with hers.  She came in the next morning and was thrilled and told everyone all about how it came to life with a vengeance.  I never told her.  It’s kinda funny.

2013-05-25 050Above: Mmmmmm a 3.5oz steak for a dollar from the Dollar Tree will go nicely with your Hamburger Helper Spaghetti. 

2013-05-25 051Above: Ladies, this just in… also at the Dollar tree.  Keep in mind they create a more feminine shape… as opposed to ?

WoodyAbove: A woodpecker screwing up our fence.


  1. Damn, now I want Chinese food.

  2. Can see why you are getting sprinklers installed - your grass looks a little sorry :)


  3. That was a very sweet yet devious thing you did for your way-too-concerned-about-a-dixie-cup-plant co-worker, Garret.


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