8-4-13 Sunday (Rant – Rant)

Yes, I’m behind…

Reverse rant!

On Wednesday I had 2 doctors appointments.  In the morning a cleaning.  My hygienist is no longer at the dentist’s office so I got someone different.  Turns out I’m glad because until the new hygienist, I never realized how rough the previous one was.  I complimented her on her gentleness.  I almost fell asleep!

After work I had a follow-up eye doctor appointment for bi-focal contacts I’ve been wearing for 2 weeks.  I love this eye doctor and the staff.  When I walked in I was greeted with “hi Mr. Atherton.”  That’s my last name so she was talking to me.  Weird huh?  Anyway, what a great touch.  I know that it’s because she took a photo of me the last time.  I had a dentist who did that in Florida.  It was awesome to walk in the door and have staff greet by name. 

halfoffdepotWe had a house cleaning company scheduled for today at 5:30.  It was a Half Off Depot deal.  We’re having Jim’s sister-in-law and Grandma Kelly come this weekend and the house needed cleaned.  The company never showed up even though they had confirmed the day before!  Jim called several times.  We emailed.  Nothing.  Thursday passed (it’s Friday morning) and no return call.  We had to scramble to clean the house.  I’m pretty pissed.  Jim had to fight with Half Off Depot for a refund several times via email.  We got a credit on our account.  The only problem is they don’t have many deals so we don’t buy from them often.  We’d really prefer the cash back.  I’m not sure if he’ll continue the fight.

On Friday, Jim’s Grandma and sister-in-law Tonia along with Jim’s 2 year old nephew came for the weekend.  Very wide range of ages. 

Believe it or not, I cooked several meals.  Burritos, Flank steak, waffles, and quiche were some of the dinner/breakfast items.  I did that because every time we go to John and Tonia’s, they cook so I wanted to do similarly.  I can’t think of a better way to word that.  Leave me alone.

2013-08-03 003

2013-08-03 002Above: Are you gonna eat that?

We had a great time with Colton.  He’s such an awesomely well behaved 2 year old.  On Saturday we all went to Plaza Fiesta where they have this ginormous jungle gym thing.  He had a blast.  Tonia said it was the best $5 ever spent.

2013-08-03 018Above: Monstrous.  I did go up inside a few levels.

2013-08-03 009Above: Colton

2013-08-03 011Above: Blurred photo of Uncle Jim waiting for his nephew.

2013-08-03 015

2013-08-03 017Above: Tonia, da momma.

2013-08-03 007

For evening adult entertainment, Grandma stayed home with Colton while Jim, me and Tonia went to Piano Man, which is a piano sing-a-long bar.  We had so much fun. 

On Sunday we went to the Concord Mills Mall where it was crowded.  It felt like Christmas time or Black Friday.  It was a back to school tax free weekend.  Our main reason to go there was for Colton to ride the mall train.

2013-08-04 026

Above/Below: Grandma and Colton

2013-08-04 020

With Colton around, it was constant cartoons on TV.  I can’t believe that as adults, we get drawn into Disney Junior too.  Jake and the Neverland Pirates is a popular cartoon for Colton.

After they all left, TIVO has been recording children shows.  Holy crap, make it stop.



  1. Likewise would have worked.

  2. Like the old Victoria behind the high chair. Does it work?

    1. Yes, it was Jim's grandmother's victrola. The original finish was done in a crackle black finish that we didn't like. We didn't really care about losing value. It still works!


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