6-8-12 Friday (Shipping And Handling)

Sunday is a blur so I’m guessing we didn’t do much.  If it weren’t for the date/time stamp on the photos I would have forgotten that I had ironed the “Twin Room” drapes and Jim hung them.  I think this room is also complete!

2012-06-03 001

2012-06-03 002

We bought some new stuff for the dining room table.  We got these candle thingies (2 packages) on clearance at Kirkland’s.  We got the table runner a couple of weeks ago from Pier One.

2012-06-08 022

Monday: So I run out of stamps and think to myself, "self", because I often call myself that, "I can just order them online and then they'll leave them in my mailbox." Genius. I go to USPS.com, set up a user name and password, click on my stamps, checkout and they want $1.25 to ship them. What? You come to my house almost everyday. You want me to pay $1.25 to ship them. I don't even pay shipping on Amazon.com. You suck.


After work on Tuesday I stopped at local grocery store Harris Teeter for the stamps.  Not only did they sell stamps but they had a special.  Buy a book of stamps and get prefabbed peanut butter cookie dough at regular price.  What a deal, I couldn’t resist.  I bought some.  I came home, we ate dinner and had fresh baked cookies.  Why am I over weight again?  Strictly rhetorical.

Thursday, Jim spotted a deer in the back yard.  Naturally I squealed, grabbed the camera and snapped photos as if it were Bigfoot or something.  I can’t help it; I just love this stuff!

2012-06-07 0042012-06-07 003

There, now you saw it too!

Friday night, wait for it…  We used a restaurant.com certificate for Mexican food with Deanna and David.  Afterwards, another certificate of sorts for bowling.

2012-06-08 020

Above/Below: David

2012-06-08 005

2012-06-08 006

Above/Below: Jim

2012-06-08 008

2012-06-08 009

Above/Below: Deanna

2012-06-08 010

2012-06-08 011

Above/Below: Garret (me)

2012-06-08 015

2012-06-08 018Above: Me and Jim

It’s not important who won (obviously I didn’t) so we’ll leave it be.  OK?  Oh… I drank beer.  Only the second time in my life.  The first time was during my visit to Pompano to see childhood friends.  I didn’t get drunk; I had a glass.

We knew we were in trouble when David showed up with his own bowling ball and shoes.  Oy.


  1. But you win because your ball matches your shirt. I mean the bowling ball........

    1. Jodie, I actually had nothing to do with that. They have a sizing ball at the counter, you pick and then they give out a ball. It was weird that there isn't a selection sitting around.


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