6-2-12 Saturday (When It’s Best NOT To Find Waldo)

On Saturday we met up with Beth and her sister Anne for brunch at Mimi’s.  Anne got a promotion and was going to be leaving the area soon.  It was a celebration!  We’re sad to see her go but she won’t be that far away.  I think she’ll be about 2 hours away.

2012-06-02 002Above: Garret with a Bloody Mary.  Mmmmmm.

2012-06-02 001Above: Anne

We spent some time at home and then went to ConCarolinas.  There were so many more people there today and definitely a lot more costumed people.  It was cool.  We went to several events including:

Sci-Fi Whose Line Is It?: This was a fun version of the TV show. 

Whedonmania: Once More with Feeling and Dr. Horrible's Sing-a-Long Blog: If you’re a Buffy TV show fan then the “Once More With Feeling” segment will make sense to you.  This was so fun.  It was done in Rocky Horror shadow casting style.  The scenes were acted out by cast and we were provided a bag of props (for $3).  It was so much fun!

2012-06-02 008Above: Getting the show started.

2012-06-02 006Above: The prop list and instructions.

2012-06-02 007Above: Jim doesn’t “sparkle” but he’s mine and Edward can kiss my ass.

LGBT in Fandom: Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgender.  How geekdom has or hasn’t accepted different lifestyles.  One of the panelists was author Betty Cross who has changed gender to female.  She was Steve Cross. 

Mon Frere Comedy: This was a comedic play about “the real story of Harry Potter”.  Funny.

I have to say this has been more fun than the horror genre con we went to recently.  It’s also organized better but I think most of the rooms the various panel discussions were held in were a little too small.  Luckily we always got to each event 10 minutes earlier and was able to get a seat.

Here’s some other photos:

2012-06-02 010

2012-06-02 004

2012-06-02 005Above: Where’s the family?  The kids were VERY annoying during the performance.  We got up and moved.  The parents were rude and selfish.

2012-06-02 009Above: In this particular photo, if you missed it, look again.  This guy is carrying a penguin statue.  We’re not sure why but it was funny.

Those were only a fraction of the cool stuff walking around.


  1. How FUN! I wanna go!

    First pic- love the drink AND the shirt.

    1. The shirt was a Salvation Army find. The drink was yummy.

  2. haha, i recognize people that i used to know and i mean that in the literal since of that song...


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