6-24-12 Sunday (Flaming Onions)

This morning, the psychotic behavior known as New Car Fever took over Jim.  Every time I glanced at his computer screen there was yet another car manufacturers website.  Then it was used cars.  Then back to new.  At one point I saw airfare on the screen only to assume he had found some “deal of a century” in a far off land and wanted to see if it was worth while to fly there and get it.  Since he never brought it up to me I can only assume it wasn’t.  He was on other websites that gave lists of good vehicles to tow behind motorhomes. As I blogged about yesterday’s events and observations we decided not to do anything.  Yet… now at 6:30PM, Jim is looking at used cars online.

We met up with Jamie, Ruby and Beth for lunch at Nakato Japanese Restaurant.  It’s that prepared in front of you type place that we haven’t been too in a while.  They featured a VERY reasonably priced lunch menu that is still prepared in front of you with the typical Japanese showmanship.  Filet Mignon was $12.50 and chicken was $8.25.  Lunch Entrees are served with: Salad with Ginger Dressing, Hibachi Vegetables, Noodles, and Fried rice.  It was plenty of food and an awesome price.  There were only 5 of us at the table and we had some great conversation.  Jim and I will eat there more often for a Sunday lunch.  They even have a lunch club card. 

2012-06-24 004

2012-06-24 007

2012-06-24 009

2012-06-24 010

Less than a month ago Ruby and Jamie went to St. Lucia,  Jamie asked Ruby to marry her during a romantic on-the-beach dinner.  They plan to return there next year for a small wedding.  We may just try and go depending on costs, finances, etc.

2012-06-24 008

2012-06-24 005

We did our grocery shopping and then returned to Monro to get the Jeep.  They replaced the brake pads with “high quality ceramic pads” and changed the front and rear differential fluid saying that it was gear chatter not a brake grind.  They didn’t charge me fore any of it.  So far, so good, we’ll see.

We picked up the remainder of our groceries at BJ’s, came home and made our week supply of salads.  We’ve been changing it up lately.  It now has romaine, tomatoes (for me), broccoli, a little fat free feta, black beans, corn, black olives, peas, 1 hard boiled egg, and grilled chicken.  It sounds good because it is.  Yum.  I use that balsamic vinaigrette that doesn’t have any oil in it.  Yet I’m still fat and I eat that 5 days a week.  Maybe it’s all those peanut bars and crap I snack on.


  1. Use real feta. Use real olive oil.

    1. Thanks Norma. You know there's been so many studies that prove that eating fat doesn't make you fat. Low fat and fat free are a habit. As far as the olive oil, I don't need it. The dressing I use is yummy and seems healthy. What do you think? http://www.maplegrove.com/product_detail.asp?pid=22

    2. The ingredients aren't bad as far as bottled dressings go. Fats from plant sources are extremely beneficial for cell growth (hair & skin, particulary) and joint health. Olive oil, walnuts, almonds, olives, avocado; that sort of thing. Dietary fat does not make you fat. Sugar makes you fat. :) Not you , personally. The royal you.


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