6-22-12 Friday (Where’s The Tree?)

Saturday was fairly uneventful.  Jim decided to work some available overtime.  That will help me live in the manner to which I’m accustomed.  He said for some extra money so I hope he’ll buy me nice things.  My birthday is coming up. 

I did the grocery shopping while he worked.  It was kind of refreshing because I could just get it over with.  Jim likes to shop.  Me?  Not so much.  Get what’s needed and stay focused.  For the most part anyway.

After Jim got home we went to JCPenney’s.  They were having some $9 polo (as in style, not brand) shirt sale.  I wear polo shirts every day for the “business casual” look at work.  I pretty much wear them on weekends too.  OK, so I constantly wear the damn things, can we move on?  I bought 4 shirts.  When I washed them all the peach shirt came out of the wash with a blue spot on it.  It looks like it was from where the 2 shirts had touched one another while wet.  It was a 2”x2” area.  Having some Carbona color run remover on hand I threw it back into the machine.  When finished I pulled it out and discovered a tie-dye effect.  Unknowingly, the blue had tinted the entire shirt so the color run remover worked in some spots.  Ugh.  The last time something like this happened, Jim said, “it’s already ruined so try bleach”.  That resulted in the photo below.  It came out looking the same except that the blue on the color was now terribly faded.  We’ll try to exchange it at Penney’s.  Wish me luck.


Work has been uneventful which I suppose is good.  I’m pilot testing some new software.  I’m actually the pilot lead for the site but I don’t get any extra time off the phone to do it which is a bummer.   That’s adding a little to my work load but it’s OK.  It’s not for long and I like doing this sort of stuff.  It breaks up the monotony.

Our friend Jamie has the motorhome in his possession and is working on a list of issues.  Reseal the roof, fix the generator muffler, reinstall some carpet, etc.  Hopefully we can get it in shape for a weekend getaway place in Augusta.  I know, I know.  We’re always on the fence about selling it but as friends have pointed out (thanks John), it’s paid for and if we get rid of it we’ll probably not get another.  We decided to keep it for now, unless we get some phenomenal offer or something, put it in Augusta and see how much we do or don’t use it.

It’s been uneventful but I do have some miscellaneous photos and stories to share:

2012-06-14 001Above: I’m picky yet no where near perfect but this sign in the elevator at work was bothersome.  Why did they capitalize the First Letter of some of the words in the first Sentence?  It’s as annoying as inappropriate “quotes”.

2012-06-22 002Above: Someone help me to understand this strange phenomenon. 

Why do disabled cars have something wedged in their driver’s side windows?  It’s typically white and seems to be fabric when available.  If not then maybe it’s a white grocery bag.  Is it an indication that they didn’t just park there and that it’s broken down?  Is this the universal symbol for “don’t tow me”?  Is it that they surrendered during an alien abduction?   What does it mean?  No one is there with it so it surely can’t mean to call for help.  Typically law enforcement doesn’t tow cars broken down on the side of the road.  They sticker it to keep track of how long it’s been there and then tow at the end of a few days.  The only time I think they’d immediately have it towed is if it was in a handicapped space (then assumed you just parked there) or probably obstructing traffic.  Am I missing something?

On Friday (22nd), we came home and saw our replacement tree.  You know… all I could do is laugh.

2012-06-22 003Above: The new tree.

2012-06-22 004Above: The other remaining maple tree.

So there’s the new magnolia.  It was communicated during this Adams Homes warranty mess:   I am so sorry, Chris does have your file and we talked about it in depth yesterday and they have at least agreed to plant what ever tree you want being similar in size in the same spot.     I’m burned out.

That’s all I got.

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