9-30-11 Friday:

The Time Warner saga continues.  Jim called Time Warner, spoke with a manager or two and got even more of a discount.  They waived the transfer fee and deducted 2 weeks off the bill.  Another guy came out very late and worked until about 10pm getting the cable issue resolved.  He had to run cables along the ground from other junction boxes up the block.  Most everyone in this neighborhood seems to have satellite.     The phone and internet are now functional.  The cable TV, nope!  Ugh.  I talk to the guy and he doesn’t know anything about cable boxes and such.  He just does exterior install type stuff.  Really?

2011-10-02 006

Grandma was going to leave today but we asked her to stay a little longer for today’s task.  Earlier in the day, Grandma baby sat Stanley Steamer while they cleaned the rental carpets.  The lease requires that we have the carpets cleaned and provide a copy of the receipt to the rental management company.  Even though we have a carpet cleaner of our own, it was definitely worth having someone else clean them.  Aside from the work involved in doing it one reservoir at a time, it’s also the time in general.  There is still so much to do.  It’s not even been a week yet.

The other day I mentioned how the cable has no ends:


I emailed the salesperson about this and her reply:

“we do not install the connector.  never have, even with the previous builder i worked for. time warner has  their own cable connection they install & will cut off the connector.”

Wow.  I don’t even know what to say.  Sure I do.  Bullshit.  I reminder to all, you get what you pay for.

10-1-11 Saturday:

Yeah, it’s been a week now since we’ve been in the house over night. 

Today Haverty’s came to deliver our furniture.  Well, more like a kit.  I answer the door and the guy is holding a protection kit (that we did indeed pay for) and no furniture.  I thought he was kidding.  He says that the rest is coming on such and such a date.  But excuse me, I have emails confirming delivery.  He had to check with a supervisor.  It turns out that an error caused the furniture to be routed to the rental house.  The furniture is on the truck but buried so they’ll come back later today. 

2011-10-04 007

Jim spotted a water mark/stain on the ceiling by the back.  Above that sits the master shower.  Oh boy.  Just great.  We’ll cease using that shower and contact the warranty department.

2011-10-02 002

I called Time Warner about the cable TV.  She resets the guest bedroom cable box remotely but says since the TiVo uses a Tuning Adapter and CableCARD that a separate department which is closed will need to be contacted and I’ll have to call back.  I ask that she have them call us.  She puts me on hold, comes back and claims to have left a voicemail for the department.

Off to work I go.

After the furniture guys deliver the furniture, Jim suggests returning the over-sized chair for another sofa.  It looks like two sofas will fit nicely.  He found out that our new set has already been discontinued and the only other sofa in the area (without waiting a long time for delivery) is a floor model located at the Pineville Haverty’s.  Grandma and Jim go check out the floor model, and purchase said piece.  I left work a little early, joined Jim and Grandma, returned to Haverty’s with the mini van, picked up the sofa, ate dinner at Tony Roma’s and then returned home.  Busy, busy, busy.

2011-10-02 004

10-2-11 Sunday:

We managed to talk Grandma into staying yet another day.  Good thing because we needed to get the over-sized chair back to Haverty’s.  Since they didn’t open until noon today we killed some time by stopping by a Big Lots to see their media/fireplace.  We think we might like the one over at Lowe’s or BJ’s better. 

After seeing Grandma off on her next adventure, Jim and I ate lunch and then went shopping.  Big time shopping.

We went to Target for a new dinette table:


Then we went to Lowe’s.  We saw a great fireplace/media cabinet.  I was VERY leery about a fake fireplace.  The flames look fake (because they are) but if I distance myself from it, looks fine.  What I do like about a fake fireplace is that we can use it without heat. 


While at Lowe’s we spotted a nice gas grill on sale for $129.  Score.

With only having the Jeep, we had to make a few trips to pick up all this stuff.

10-3-11 Monday:

Today I returned the keys to Henderson Properties.   Cindy, who happens to be the same skank that was there when we applied for the rental, was once again her condescending self.  I must tell you that we were given 2 keys and after a problem with a door lock, the maintenance man (idiot) gave us a 3rd key.  Anyway, I hand Cindy the keys, garage door openers, and carpet cleaning receipt.  She says, “Which key is for which lock?”  Well, we don’t use the keys we use the garage door opener so I said, “I don’t know.”  She says, “So, you don’t know what key fits what lock.”  “NO”.  Her tone and condescending tone almost caused me to say, “I already answered that question, perhaps I can speak with someone who understands English?”  But… I didn’t.  I hate her.

I emailed the Adams Homes Warranty Department at about noon today.  They require warranty requests to be in writing.

1- The floor in front of the master bath tub creeks very loudly.
2- Water is leaking onto our dinette ceiling.  Knowing the master shower is above that, we have ceased using that shower.  The drywall is puffy, damp and stained.
3- Since the water has been leaking, the floor hasn't been creaking as badly... possibly 1 & 2 are related?

10-4-11 Tuesday:

I got a response from Adams Homes via email at 9:30am saying someone would contact me as soon as possible.  Nearly 24 hours since my email and that’s the best they can do for a new buyer who’s only been in their home a week?  At 12:30 I emailed them:

Please be advised we have discovered another wet spot circling the recessed lighting in the kitchen.  This could be a result of the other shower. 
As of the time of this message it has been over 24 hours since the initial problem was reported.  For a new owner with a water leak, this is very disappointing.
In advance, I'd like you to know that wood floors lie underneath these leaks.  I'd also like to request that my NEW home be left spotless, as it was found prior to repair work.  This should include drywall dust, elimination of water marks, replacement of potential moldy insulation and the like.

Yes, another wet spot.  This email was just to get it in writing, so after sending it I immediately called.  I was told someone would call me.  I was late to work, they called at about 1pm.  They scheduled a plumber to come out tomorrow.

2011-10-04 008

Stay tuned…

Oh, so for some humor, Jim was tired of using a hand mirror since we still need to buy mirrors.  Here’s his solution:

2011-09-26 009

Rednecks be proud…


  1. OMG, moving is so FUN!!!

    That is total b***s**t about the leaks. I can't believe how calm you are (knowing your capacity for...not calmness). You must be too exhausted from dealing with TWC. One must pace oneself, after all.

  2. Looking forward to seeing what you do for a mirror/medicine cabinet in the bathroom. We want to replace the flat mirror in our bathroom with a cabinet or something.

    Like the dark color of your wood floors. Watching HGTV it seems like darker wood colors are coming back into vogue



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