10-15-11 Saturday (Automated)

I’ve been working on getting our X10’s sorted and eventually installed.  X10 is a geeky, tech, home automation type system.   The general overview is that with use of a computer, remotes and modules, it enables us to remotely control lights and such with macros, timers and remotes.   We have a ton of different modules. 


Our collection which I sorted by module:

2011-10-14 0072011-10-14 006Above: This is only 2 kinds of modules, the rest are in the box.

So anyway, there’s motion sensors, switches, outlets, plug in modules, etc.  We used a lot of these in our prior home years ago… especially for Halloween and Christmas lights.

I went to work today while Jim worked on his beloved garage and shopping.  He did pick up 2 awesome dinette chairs:

2011-10-18 027

Tomorrow, we take a trip to a zoo.  Stay tuned…


  1. I'm totally intrigued by the X10 systems... I wanna know more!

  2. X10 is sold by different names sometimes but work together. Radio Shack does/did have a version that looked identical except for the X10 logo. x10.com has all the modules and such. Replacing regular outlets with x10 makes it easy to turn on/off mood lighting and whatever else. When we have the bulk of X10 installed, I'll post about it.


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