10-7-11 Friday (A Short Tour)

OK, here’s the house so far:

2011-10-06 002Above: Utility room – The cat litter/food area on the left is temporary.  It keep the litter and food up and away from Dasher.

2011-10-06 003Above: “Twin Room” – It’s been dubbed thee because it will have a twin bed/trundle bed setup in it.  Right now it’s a catch all.

2011-10-06 010Above: “Queen Room”.  It’s not for Queens, just a queen sized bed in it.

2011-10-06 004Above: Guest bath.  We had no corners downstairs for the curio so it’s going to be in the upstairs hall.

2011-10-06 005Above: Master bath – The redneck hanging mirror has been replaced with full length cheapy mirrors as another temporary solution. 

2011-10-06 009Above: Master bedroom – We still need real window treatments throughout the house.  Cha-ching.

2011-10-06 008Above: The office/loft.  With our futon from our Florida home and our family room furniture, this unexpectedly became a sitting area.  I suppose if we ever decided a home gym was in order, we could ditch all that.  There’s still much to do in this room.  Any knik-knaks sitting around are only being displayed because they got unpacked along with other stuff.  Artwork, window treatments and knik-knaks will be dealt with last.

2011-10-06 006Above: Dinette/Kitchen:  That’s the Target table.  We’re still in need of chairs.  The light wood sideboard is there temporarily until we find something different and then we’ll recycle it to a guest room as a dresser.  My wants/desires for the kitchen is Tuscany.  I don’t want all the typical wine, espresso and chef themes.  I just want “a look”.

2011-10-06 011Above: Entry/Dining room: The entry rug didn’t stay.  We didn’t like it.  The stack of boxes on the right are all décor stuff.  This photo was taken a few steps up on the stairs.  I love this room. 

2011-10-06 012Above: Living room – Yes, the couches have “spikes” and “Tattle Tale Pet Alarms” on them to ward off evil cats and dogs.  Cat for fur, dog for scratching.  Yes, at the time of photo, the sofa has a price tag on it.  We didn’t remove it until we were sure we were going to keep it.

Later today, friends Pete and T will arrive for a four day weekend!


  1. It looks great! I love your dining room set, and I'm jealous of your hardwood floors. It looks like you guys have been working really hard the last couple of weeks.

    I just realized that your kitchen is set up exactly like our friends'. Weird. I'll have to ask what builder they had.

    Enjoy your mimosas and such!

  2. Love, love, love, love, love, love!

  3. Thanks Flartus! We have been! After we moved in we realized the dishwasher/garbage disposal doesn't seem to be on the best sides. Awkward.

    Alix, thanks!

  4. Looks like the washer/dryer you obtained from CL work. What a great deal!


  5. I think the washer may have issues. It won't spin between cycles only the final spin.

  6. I love the interior doors! Best wishes for many happy years in your beautiful home. :)


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