10-16-11 Sunday (Sign, Sign, Nowhere A Sign)

We set off to make a bunch of returns and then to Shane’s Rib Shack for lunch.  We had 2 free meal coupons from a previous visit during some scratch and win type promo.  A free 3 piece chicken tender meal and a chicken tender salad.


I was surprised by the size of this salad.  The bowl was deep!  Of course I had to chose the fried tenders.  Mmmmm.


After lunch, we set off to a zoo approximately 45 minutes north of us.  Zootastic Park was a Groupon purchase Jim made a few months ago.  It was another zoo, similar to Tiger World that we had been to recently.  It wasn’t dumpy but not 100% professional either.  Some of the cages/exhibits didn’t seem quite right for viewing the animal.   Like a skunk in cage with a solid lower half that blocked views.  We later found out it was a monkey cage at one time.  Speaking of the skunk:

2011-10-16 0042011-10-16 003

The exhibits disappointingly lacked signage.  There was not a sign anywhere that told any info about the animal, not even what kind.  The visit starts with a tour and then you can roam around on your own.  The benefit of the tour is that most animals were removed from the cage, spoken about, and offered up the chance to hold or pet it.  The unfortunate part was the screaming kids, the slowness (for us) of the tour overall since everyone was offered a chance to hold or pet the animal. 

Overall, we enjoyed the visit.  Most of it was a giant petting zoo.  Here’s some more photos:

2011-10-16 015

2011-10-16 018

2011-10-16 021

2011-10-16 005

2011-10-16 007

2011-10-16 009

2011-10-16 012

2011-10-16 013

2011-10-16 014  

2011-10-16 006Above: OK this one was just because the fly didn’t move.

2011-10-18 025Above: We purchased some interesting looking gourds.

After our zoo trip, we returned home to tackle a few projects.  Jim worked on the garage while I went grocery shopping.  Walmart sucks at peak times.  They just can figure out that if they’d keep the shelved stocked, customers will (a) have more to purchase and (b) be happier.

2011-10-16 022Above: Apparently Charlotte is very good about eating their veggies.  The frozen veggie aisle looked pretty sparse too.

2011-10-17 023Above: Jim installs 6 cabinets in his garage.  Yes, his garage, my kitchen.

2011-10-18 028Above: I installed this in the laundry room.  Isn’t it cute?

2011-10-18 024Above: I also purchased and installed a surround sound system.  Speakers to be mounted later.

2011-10-18 026Above: I built this chairside table.

Making progress.  There’s still SO much more to do.


  1. You and the skunk...just so perfect, somehow.

    Pictures. Y'all need to get some pictures hung up. And some plants, too. Though the laundry curtain helps.

  2. We've got boxes and boxes of knik-knaks. We have tons of pictures. When everything is done, we'll unpack it all and figure out what to decorate with. We still need window treatments too. All we have is temporary blinds and a laundry room valance. :-)

  3. The animal place should really have signage that tells the stories of the animals and how they got there.

    Bare shelves- bad planning.

    You've been busy!


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