10-10-11 Monday ($20 Hath Septeber)

Some time Friday afternoon, Pete and T arrived from Michigan.  I happened to pull an earlier shift so I was able to join Jim and company for dinner. 

On Saturday while I was at work, Jim took them to Linville Falls and Little Switzerland.  I heard the views were wonderful, the falls great and the leaves started changing.  Unfortunately the restaurant Jim and I patronize often wasn't open due to some event going on.

On Sunday we had mimosa brunch at Mimi's. 

2011-10-09 003Above: T and Pete.

2011-10-09 006

2011-10-09 007

We attempted to go to the Renaissance Festival.  We tried.  The traffic barely moved and appeared as though no end was in sight.  After wasting a half hour we changed direction and headed for a home show.  While in route, we passed a mall and it was decided to switch gears and get some shopping done.  Jim and I shopped, Pete and T humored us.  We didn't stay there very long.  We went home and planned dinner.

While at the mall, I spotted this changeable Egyptian calendar:

2011-10-09 010Above: It’s $20.  Imagine the price if September were spelled correctly?

The leaves continue to change.  I think we’ll need another trip to Little Switzerland next weekend.

2011-10-09 0092011-10-09 008
Jim and I didn’t work on the house this weekend; it was a nice break. 

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