The Move

Friday 9-23-11

Yes, I know I'm a week behind with this post.  Some of us have moved you know. 

Today (well, the 23rd), I waited for the hot tub movers to arrive.  It has been raining all day.  Luckily they felt it wasn't too bad and arrived in the morning knowing that I have to be at work at 12:30.

They followed me over to the new house, set the hot tub into place, collected their $250 and then departed.  Jim will get the electrical hooked up and then fill with water quickly.  We're excited to soak in it after working hard on the move.

2011-09-23 011 
In other news, Jim's Grandma, has arrived to help out!  She'll unpack, clean, organize, direct and dog watch as needed!  What a great help she'll be!

Here’s my parking lot at work… the leaves are changing…

2011-09-23 012


Saturday 9-24-11

It's move day! It rained most of the day. Ugh.

I took off from work today.

We hired 4 movers at $60 an hour. It's the same guy we used when we first moved to Charlotte. This was such a tremendous help. We supplied the moving truck (U-Haul). Up and down the stairs to the infinite degree. Worth it. Totally worth it. Jim directed the movers while I boxed up remaining last minute stuff. Grandma took Dasher over to the new house and started putting some stuff away. We had Robin come over and help Grandma as needed. When I had nothing else to box up, I too went to the new house and started unpacking the kitchen.

2011-09-24 001Above: It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve seen the dining room.

It took 2 trips and we got MOST of our stuff.  When will the rain stop?


Sunday 9-25-11

Trying to remember the order of what happened when is maddening.  Some may say it's not really important to get specific dates/events correct but for some reason it is for me.  Maybe me just being anal retentive... not sure. 

I can tell you that this morning, I made waffles and Jim, Grandma and I enjoyed a Mimosa.

2011-09-25 002Above: This is the gift box that our realtor gave us.

2011-09-25 003Above: This photo is for Flartus who said on a previous post:


Mike and Billy came over and assisted us with a final U-Haul run.  What needed moved was a few miscellaneous items along with all of our outdoor stuff.  We didn't take the outdoor stuff the other day since it was all wet.  It was still a big ole mess.  The ground was so saturated it was pure mud.  Jim laid down cardboard as a path for us to walk on.

2011-09-25 008

2011-09-25 004

Above/Below: And naturally if the rain hadn’t been enough, a neighbor was having a party.

2011-09-25 007

Jim connected the hot tub electrical and started filling!  Tonight, we shall have hot tub time!

Monday 9-26-11

As you read the other day, here's where I got the news that Time Warner will come out sooner than October 12th to get me hooked up with service.

I worked on getting the bedroom somewhat presentable. 

2011-09-26 0102011-09-26 011Above: Clea (cat) and Dasher (dog).

Tuesday 9-27-11

Today I received a comment on the blog from hitchitch in reference to getting Internet established.  It shouldn't be much longer though but I decided to look into it anyway.  They referred me to for a free program that would allow Grandma's laptop become a WiFi Hot Spot.  I decided against it.  I didn't want to have to install a program on her laptop.  I decided to look for a program to use my cell phone.  I found one!  Free too!  And it works!  Not wirelessly, but rather as a tether.  If you want it from the Android Market, it's called EasyTether.  I installed a program to my phone and to my laptop and then connected the two via a USB cable.  Fast speeds too! 

Jim finished reassembling the office furniture enough that later in the week, I can start loading up the shelves and what not. 


Wednesday 9-28-11

Grandma and I headed to the rental to finish cleaning.  She and Robin got quite a bit done the other day.  We cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, magic-erasered the walls, cleaned windows, etc.  Phew, what a lot of work...  Later in the evening when Jim came home, we went to dinner and then returned to the house to get the TV, TiVo and associated mounting brackets.  I spackled some more.

I started setting up all the equipment Time Warner would need for the install.  We paid our builder to have some cable outlets installed and this is what we got:

2011-09-27 012Above:  Really?  Not even a cable outlet with the connector protruding?  Not even a connector on the end of the wire?  You people suck.

Thursday 9-29-11

Speaking of sucking.  Time Warner came out today.  They ran a cable from the yard junction box to the house that they’ll have to bury in the future.  That was the big install?  Nothing works.  The guy told Grandma that Time Warner has to do something at the box.  Jim called them and they didn’t know what we were talking about.  They attempted to get a hold of the installer but failed.  Jim had to speak to several people and spent a long time on the phone.  The supervisor is crediting us $30 a month for a year.  I’m not sure how Jim got that deal, maybe because he mentioned going to satellite?  Tomorrow a supervisor is supposed to call me to tell us what’s going on.


  1. I laughed at the banister that your cooing face?

    Sucks about the cable, but thanks for reaffirming my tv-free commitment. Also sucks about the weather--Sunday it rained all friggin' day long, which was great for us, because we weren't helping you move.

    Still, the bedroom looks nice, and Clea looks minimally murderous to have been uprooted again. Congrats again; I know you have weeks of unpacking ahead of you, but it's all MOVED!

  2. Flartus: Cooing or buzzed... Same crap.

    "Also sucks about the weather--Sunday it rained all friggin' day long, which was great for us, because we weren't helping you move." We were waiting for you.

    Clea doesn't mind the move. She's very busy exploring the hosue and getting into shit she shouldn't.

  3. So glad you are finally moved in to your new home. We will be doing the whole moving thing in about 5 weeks.

  4. If you were my Sim, I would totally be telling you to "Unpack Boxes" and "Jump in Hot Tub" and "Give Catnip to Cat" and "Take Nap" and "Unpack More Shit!"


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