9-18-11 Sunday (Who’s Gonna Take Responsibility?)

Before I get started on today’s post, I need to catch up on some whining, complaining, and overall judging:

2011-09-10 045Above: These flags were given to each employee for 9-11.  Along the seam states “Made in USA” and I’m ashamed.  The ugly seam is showing on the incorrect side of the flag.  The red and white stripes are both crooked AND not equally sized.  Pitiful.  I don’t blame my job for this, I blame whomever the manufacturer was.  What I may blame my job for is that they purchased these hideously made pieces of… OK, moving on.


2011-09-08 003Above: This is my neighbor, Tequilla’s home. She also built with Adams Homes.  A couple of weeks ago I introduced myself and pointed out her siding issue.  It’s warped/buckled.  She hadn’t even noticed.  She was nonchalant about it saying something about how several homes in the neighborhood had this happening and that she was waiting until a year after the build (per instructions given to her) to contact the warranty department.  I cautioned her not to since the siding may not match.  Luckily for us, Jim had remembered that the builder changing siding companies when we signed contract.  Phew.  I later found out that she had taken my advice and requested a repair.


2011-09-08 004Above: Dear rental neighbor with a constant 6 (typically) vehicles in the driveway that don’t seem to move, how about removing that lawn mower box that’s been sitting on your hood for 3 weeks already?  I hope the combination of morning dew and sunshine permanently fuses the cardboard to your paint.  Maybe one of your 956 inhabitants can clean the yard up a little.


The scans I posted below are from the rental company’s price list of what they’ll charge if I don’t leave the rental in pristine condition.  I found it funny to have prices for some of this stuff although I can understand it’s a necessary evil:Henderson Price List 1Henderson Price List 2Henderson Price List 3

OK, I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Let’s talk about today:

We started the day with trying a local restaurant for breakfast.  Dino’s Family Restaurant.  The restaurant had an article about itself from 1986 framed and posted.  This place has been around a long time.  Unfortunately, I could tell.  The place was overall “creepy” to me.  I felt like any minute a roach was going to join me for breakfast.  The food was OK (omelets), however I couldn’t really get beyond the creepiness.  I couldn’t wait to leave.  One humorous tidbit appeared at the bottom of their menu:

2011-09-18Above: “We regret that we cannot be responsible for personal property.”  Having this sort of disclaimer on a menu troubles me.

Just about the time that the creepiness had worn off, we arrived in Rockwell, NC for an outing at Tiger World which lead to more creepiness.  This was a Groupon trip.  This place was kind of like a zoo in someone’s backyard.  More accurately, if I had to describe a redneck zoo, this would be perfect.  In defense of this place, once I researched it to post within the blog, I found that it’s more about animal rescue and nonprofit than being a zoo.  They had animals that were missing a leg or an eye.  I applaud them and think I’d return if nothing else but to support them.  Ready for more photos?

2011-09-18 027Above: The Lochness Monster was a nice touch but not really executed very well.

2011-09-18 009Above: The fencing between the various tigers, bears, wolves and what nots was disturbing.  I was actually worried they’d get through and attack us.  Really.

2011-09-18 010Above/Below: Reptile World was a dive.  A pieced together exhibit with a couple of snakes and turtles.2011-09-18 011


2011-09-18 012Above: Jim in Reptile World with his bag of nuts to feed the animals with.

2011-09-18 015Above/Below: He was great at catching… see video.


2011-09-18 016


2011-09-18 018


2011-09-18 019Above/Below: Bad views.2011-09-18 020

2011-09-18 022

2011-09-18 023

2011-09-18 024

2011-09-18 025


After our zoo outing, we headed home (a 40 minute drive) to Charlotte.  We stopped off at a Rose’s discount store and had a little fun:

2011-09-18 029

2011-09-18 028Above: The most awesome thing about this photo is it was actually Jim’s idea!

Well, it was entertaining to us…  Within our area, Jim spotted this in front of a funeral home:

2011-09-18 007

It’s weird.  The top reminded me of something nautical or like a parade float.  What the ?

Wednesday is the closing!


  1. $15 to clean a sink but only $14 to sweep and mop the floor? Wonder how they came up with those prices. You know for every item on that list, they've had to deal with it. "Clean switchplates." Really? How gross do you think the switchplates are at the neighbors'?

    That "zoo" does look depressing. Poor monkeys behind bars, they look lonely.

    I do hope you bought those pimp jackets for your Halloween costumes!

  2. I think the price list for the rentals is brilliant!! When people don't get their entire security deposit back, the company can refer tot he price list and show them why they aren't getting it all back.

    The hearse bothers me. Is the left rear door there in case the person isn't really dead and can escape? Just wondering... actually, I think it's the flower car!

  3. Flartus: Humorous for sure. I missed the switchplate line, I'll have to go back and look more closely. I was so shocked by the other stuff I missed it.

    Those jackets... ewwwww.

    Joanie: Yeah, I certainly understand the reasoning and it is brilliant.

    The hearse is weird on so many levels.

  4. I've seen that kind of vehicle before- but it was like a hot tub or little pool type thing as part of a party vehicle. Weird.

    $3 for batteries- make sure you get that done.

    The siding on the neighbor's house is concerning. So is her willingness to wait over a year to have it fixed. And so is her name. Tequilla, meet my friend Triple Sec.

  5. @Liz: Well the battery thing, are they gonna remove the smoke detector batteries and test them or something. I think that particular fee is a scare tactic more than anything.

    Funny thing about Tequilla. I have a coworker by that name. It's pronounced "ta quill a". I thought the same thing when I read the name.


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