Labor Day Weekend 2011

For Saturday we were invited to Ruby's for dinner. I had to work but decided to leave early to attend. I mean who can resist steaks on the grill?

Jim dropped off his car to Tire Kingdom to get his strut mounts replaced due to a rattle noise on bumps that they had previously diagnosed. Beth picked him up and off to Ruby's they went.

I arrived at Ruby's a little later. What an appetizer spread! There was so much food and more importantly, delicious food. Oh and guzzling down some sangrias. All so yummy.

 2011-09-03 005

Sangrias plus the Wii equals insane fun!

2011-09-03 010Above: David on the Wii.

2011-09-03 006Above: Beth (center) and her siblings Annie and Dave.

2011-09-03 007Above: Who took this damn photo?  That’s me, sorry you had to see that.

2011-09-03 008Above: Ann

2011-09-03 009Above: Jim

On Sunday Jim called to check on the status of his car. It had been 24 hours since he had dropped it off. The guy told Jim he couldn't confirm the noise and suggested he come in for a roadtest tomorrow (Monday) after 11am when another employee will be there because he's leaving for the day. Wow.  24 hours for nothing.

For the rest of the day we did more furniture and appliance shopping.  We settled on couches from Haverty’s.  A plain, clean line sofa… we bought two reclining sofas.  Naturally we’ve delayed delivery until we move.


Here’s the picture from the other day:

At Home Depot we took advantage of their Labor Day sales and bought a new side-by-side fridge. 

Later that evening, Mike and Billy came over for some burgers on the grill.  Jim mixed the ground beef with some minced garlic, a little panko breadcrumbs, mustard and Knorr’s Onion Soup mix.  Strange stuff, I know but they taste good.  He made them flat and extra large figuring they’d shrink.  They puffed up like a frickin’ balloon and took forever to cook.  They were tasty though.

Monday rolled around and Jim and I were both off for the holiday.  We again went shopping, mostly just looking, and had brunch at Mimi’s

Here’s some photos I snagged over the weekend:

2011-09-01 001Above: How cute.

2011-09-01 002Above: Jim spotted these arrows facing the wrong way!

2011-08-31 037Above: A neighbor’s rabbit yard sculpture complete with broken ears.  It’s been like this for months.  People… it’s time to let go.

imageAbove: Unfortunately the camera-phone delayed too long to photo.  There is a lawn mower on the back seat and a stove severely hanging out of the trunk.  Oy.

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  1. There is definitely a joke in their about getting your strut mounted, but I don't think I will go there.


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