9-12-11 Monday (The Not So Final Final)

The saga continues.  Click here (for previous post) if the next paragraph doesn’t make any sense. 

Adams homes was unwilling to extend the contract!  Odd that they still seemed confident that they’d have everything done although we knew otherwise.  They were positive that the 4 items the NACA inspector found would be corrected before his re-inspect Tuesday and that the other outstanding items would be placed a promise to repair after the fact.  We were leery. 

We met with Ted, the Adams Home production manager, for our final walkthrough.  Well, now it’s going to be more of a semi-final walk through.  Ted told us that the superintendent, Roger, is no longer with the company.  Now this all makes sense.  Roger quit and didn’t care about the outstanding items so most were never addressed.  At the end of today’s meeting, Ted thanked us for coming in to redo this all and was awesome to work with.  He really wowed us with his willingness to correct any issues. 

From the NACA inspector (non-cosmetic issues only) were 4 items on the list:

  1. Anti-tip on stove.  This was completed but when Jim tested it, the stove severely wobbled.  It needs adjustment otherwise I’m sure it will fail tomorrow’s re-inspection. 
  2. Cracks in garage floor and side of house.  The garage floor was sealed but not the side of the house.
  3. Dishwasher hits knob.  They adjusted it slightly and hopefully enough to pass inspection but they will be redoing some cabinetry and the draw to accommodate the dishwasher.
  4. The swale in the front yard was a trip hazard.  This has been widened to be less shallow.  I think it’s barely noticeable except for the grass that appears dead in it.  I think they should have replaced the sod in it since the dead grass draws attention to it.

Remember the prior entry the builder stated in an email:

Ted spent some time out here the other day going through the house.  All items from the initial walk through and NACA repair list are complete.  Most of the items from your additional list are complete as well, however they had to

Item 1 and 3 a definite disappointment.  Item #2, you only got half that fixed.  So as I said yesterday, you guys lied.  You wasted our time.

As an act of good faith, they are going to pay the $75 re-inspection fee.  I just wish they would have been honest enough up front and said, “Hey listen, Roger is no longer with the company, we’re not sure if he addressed all your concerns, would you mind coming back in for another walk through?”  Then we wouldn’t have been so upset about the “waste of time”.

We’ll have another “final” walkthrough tentatively for Thursday of this week.  Per NACA, we can’t close by the 15th so Adams had to extend the contract.  Here’s some stuff they have to take care off:

2011-09-10 044Above: Bad caulk job

2011-08-31 029Above: Noted at first walkthrough and wasn’t addressed.  It’s like Roger just removed the tape and nothing more.

2011-09-10 018Above: House number bolts are rusting, one missing.

2011-09-10 021Above/Below: Bottom of the banister.

2011-09-10 022


2011-09-10 024Above: Scratch in the wood floors.

2011-09-10 026Above: Banister at the top of the stairs.

2011-09-10 027Above: A small problem that was made worse.

2011-09-10 031Above: Weird blemish above the light fixture that was never corrected even though it was pointed out during the initial walkthrough.

2011-09-10 035Above: Finger prints above the toilet tank.

2011-09-10 037Above: Gouges in the door frames.

2011-09-10 039Above: Still there from the initial walkthrough.

2011-09-10 041Above: That’s only part of what there is to see.

2011-09-10 042Above: No biggie.  The stopper took off some paint.

2011-09-10 043Above: They painted around the downspout.

I think in the end they’ll be able to get most all done before re-inspection.  Most likely the cabinetry/dishwasher/knob problem will still exist and they’ll provide an addendum stating so if need be for closing.

Ted was great to work with.  I’m glad Roger is gone. Too many times we were met with opposition for a correct repair.

Jim and I stopped into Furniture Row and bought the bedroom furniture we saw over the weekend.  Just as with the fridge and sofas, we made sure we can cancel for a full refund.  Their Labor Day sale runs until 9-23-11 but I wanted to get it over with and locked in at the sale price.  We may cancel the bedroom furniture just due to the money factor.  It’s the last of the big ticket purchases we needed wanted, however, we think the small purchases may gobble up a lot of money.  Besides, we can make due with our hideous bedroom furniture for a while.  It functions.


  1. What a shoddy job!!! I can't believe it. My parents bought a new townhouse and had to deal with this sort of stuff too and it boggles the mind how cheap and careless builders are.

    Good luck and I do hope you guys can close soon!!!

  2. Well, it seems is all you needed was to talk to the right person!
    From the pics, it looks like they had a bunch of amateurs working on your house.
    Hope he gets everything done to your satisfaction.

  3. Rina: Some people have said it's better to buy previously owned. The only thing about that is so many people just give up on problems and then it gets passed on to the next owner... or how many things don't we know about?

    Wayne: I'm sure it's about keeping costs down and passing the savings to the owner so to speak but sometimes, well most of the times, you get what you pay for.

  4. Omg, have they never installed a banister before??

  5. I can't believe this is a new house!!! Do you really want to live there? If you see so many errors with the cosmetics, imagine what could possible have gone wrong about the actual construction, especially since you can't look inside the walls, that would be my concern at this point. Cracks in your garage are most likely settlement cracks, the kicker here is that you don't even know if they screwed that up too since the house was just built so if its sitting on unstable ground it will not settle in a pretty way over the next few years... Same goes for your yard, if the elevation is messed up you have much bigger issues on your hands besides digging up a row of grass. What makes you think some guy named Ted will fix this.... I would hate to see you guys stuck with this nightmare.

  6. I've heard horror stories about going through home building- I don't think I could survive it.

  7. Flartus: I love(d) my banister. I hope they get it looking wonderful. Ugh.

    Nicole: I know. It should all work out fine because we watched every step of the way and Jim's dad who owns a construction company in Naples, FL come up and inspect before drywall went up. I think Ted will make things happen to get this done with... I hope.

    Liz: Think of the nightmares that exist when people buy preowned?


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