9-22-11 Thursday (Extra Credit)

There were big plans for today.  I was to load the trailer up before work and then after work, Jim would take it to the new house to unload.  Simple right? 

Well, I carried box after box from the second floor down to the living room, then into the garage and eventually into the trailer.  It was tiring.  Just like yesterday.  The out of shape slash old slash stairs suck played into my frequent breaks.  I joked with Jim that I should just stay home and get this all done.  He agreed, so I skipped work.  By early afternoon, I has wished I had gone to work.  I was exhausted.  My legs felt like Jello.  I muddled through and finally finished.

Jim had left work early, and for help, picked up a coworkers son, Robin, who had previously house sat for us while we were on vacation.  We crammed a few more things into the trailer and went to the new house to unload.  Naturally we let young master Robin do most of the stairs climbing.  We finished up, took him home and went out for Five Guys for dinner.  Mmmmmm.

As a side note, earlier in the day I called several utility companies to set up the account service transfers.  So I called Time Warner.  I wanted to know if its possible to have service in two locations, like an overlap, just how power and water companies do it.  The guy I spoke with, we'll call him Ditz, said no but I could set up a new account and then cancel the old one.  I said it wouldn't be beneficial since I wouldn't have to get a new phone number.  So he started processing my request for service transfer and says my number can't move.  Huh?  It's only a 15 minutes away from my current address.  Still in the same city.  He said it works off of substations or something like that.  I ask for a supervisor.  He placed me on hold, comes back and says he was wrong, the number can stay.  I'm left wondering if he just wanted me to get a new account for credit?  We continue.  He tells me the first available install date is October 12th?  What the ?  Yes, I understand my house is brand new and doesn't have cable.  I ask for a manager.  I get Ms. Mgr who empathizes very well and tells me that the 12th is a computer generated date and it might be sooner but no promises.  So 20 days without cable, Internet, or phone?  Really?  With this economy we can't get more contractors and what not?  We have a TiVo that we love and can't be used with satellite so right now we're kinda stuck.  I'll just keep raising a ruckus I guess.  I'm so annoyed though.  Maybe I should call again and again and again?


  1. No tv = one less bulls*** corporation to deal with. It works for us!

  2. @Flartus: Yeah, we've been enjoying the hottub during our downtime anyway. Who needs TV?


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