5-2-17 Tuesday (Pre-Vacation)

Please pay particular attention to the dates.  I say this because as with many past vacations, I blog after the fact, not during.  Many times, people will comment about something I should see/do while I’m there  but it’s too late…  We’re already gone.  Also even if I have multiple entries ready, I’ll typically post one a day.  So watch the dates.  OK, so here starts the vacation blog.

Mind the Date

I don’t have very much to report this week.  Jim and I have been packing and organizing for the trip.  Jim tends to overpack.  Typically, we have at least 1 argument about packing before we go on a trip.  He likes “outfits” and I like sensible.  I don’t want to look like a slob but I’m definitely not competing for a fashion award.  I’m good with a pair of sneakers (tennis shoes for you strange people that might call it that), brown dress shoe (with khakis for dinner attire) and flip flops.  He’ll probably pack 7 pair for himself.   I take care of packing HBA and the like and he handles the clothes.  He’s also a very “just in case” cautious kind of guy.  Extra this or extra that… just in case.  Sure, I bring an extra pair of contact lenses for us both and with this long trip that includes being in water (contact lens wearers can relate), I’ll bring 2 extra pair on this trip.  His extras are sometimes a bit extreme.  We’ll see what happens.  Every time we pack, I convince myself not to say anything about it but somewhere along the line I snap and let loose. After 17 years, you’d think I’d be used to it.  Nope.  What kind of packer are you?

2017-04-29 003

2017-04-29 002

There was more than that.  You’ll see in tomorrow’s post!

This is a long trip.  Our longest vacation ever.  We’re gone from work 5/3 and return 5/22.  That’s a long time.  I’m sure our bosses thinks so too.  So what about CJ?  We have friends staying at our house to take care of him.  Our longest cruise has been 7 days so doing a 10 day cruise is nice.  It typically goes by so quickly.  The added days on Oahu will be awesome too.  After this vacation, I’d like to plan a trip to Iceland to see the Northern Lights or perhaps a Mediterranean cruise.  Both are expensive vacations so we’ll plan for 2-3 years from now.  In the interim, we’ll do at least 1 cruise a year and take some other small trips.  Maybe Vegas, Universal/Orlando, San Francisco, etc.  Sometime I’d like a redo of our missed vacation.  I’d like to get onto that huge Oasis of the Seas ship.  Man, was I looking forward to that.  We haven’t taken a full week of vacation since 1/2015.  Well, Jim had off for his appendectomy if you want to count that.  He won’t be happy if you do though, so don’t.

Here’s something we bought at Dollar Tree the other day to excite us:

2017-04-22 001

Here’s something to frighten you:

2017-04-25 274


  1. I pack light. Ross is the just in case guy.
    It's great you had a dog sitter stay at your house. How did CJ do without you two?

  2. Not real well on the first day. The day time Cj letter-outer had to be called to reintroduce our friend to CJ.


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