5-7-17 Sunday (Honolulu/Oahu – The Cruise Begins)

As you can see by the title, today we board our ship.  First a quick trip to Leonard’s Bakery.  This was a stop on our Shaka GPS tour. We had cinnamon malasadas (donut without a hole) that were tasty.  Every order is freshly made to order so we had to wait for our chow.

2017-05-07 128

Leonard's Bakery on Oahu is not a local secret spot anymore.  A once quiet bakery sitting midway up Kapahulu Avenue, is now featured in many tourist guide books, and has become an Oahu attraction itself!  All the attention and fame goes to these little special Portuguese style donuts called malasadas! 

We owe a little thanks to the DoRego family that migrated from Portugal to Maui for an opportunity to work in the sugar cane fields in 1882.  But it wasn’t until 1952, when their grandson Leonard & wife moved to Honolulu, and opened the doors to their own bakery in 1952.

Soon after opening their doors, Leonard’s mother suggested making a traditional treat for “Strove Tuesday”.  Today these traditional malasada treats have become a staple phenomenon that we’ve come to love…and the rest is history!

We checked into the ship.  Unfortunately, there is absolutely no overnight parking at the port..  This was really annoying.  We put some quarters in the meter, unpacked a little and headed to the ship’s buffet lunch.  Here’s our cabin for 10 days.  We’ll be here overnight.

2017-05-07 130

Hawaii Celebrity 5-7-17 Itinerary (2)

The buffet food was amazing.  Pasta bar, Mexican, Indian, carving station, paninis, pork shops, etc, etc.  

After lunch, we exited the ship and continued more of our driving tour.  This was a different tour – The South End of the island.

South Shore Oahu

Nu’Uanu Pali was probably the most breathtaking view.

2017-05-07 139

2017-05-07 140

2017-05-07 141

2017-05-07 142

2017-05-07 144

2017-05-07 145

2017-05-07 146

It was a great day.  We were in Hawaii.  What’s not to love?

Jim parked the car while I sat in front of the port with stuff that would be too difficult to lug during a 15 minute walk.  The closest overnight parking garage was still quite the hike.  Back onto the ship to shower and have dinner.

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