5-3-17 Wednesday (Departure)

It’s travel day!  We woke up at 4am for our 7:30am flight.  We reserved an Uber XL a few days prior.  We needed the XL, after all, we did have 8 bags.  Yes. 8.  4 large suitcases.  2 “personal” item sized, designed to fit right under the airplane seat and another 2 carry-on size.

So… about our flights.  We fly American to Hawaii, and Delta home.  Why?  Because Jim is a master at saving money.  Sometime ago, we got US Airways and American Airlines credit cards which had great introductory free miles offers.  When they merged, we had plenty of miles.  We also had Delta credit cards which offer many miles as well.  We were able to get first class seats round trip for around $300.  With 12 hours of travel time, this was wonderful!

2017-05-03 005

On the first leg of travel, we had a few hours flight time to Phoenix.  We had 2 options for breakfast.  Continental or breakfast sandwiches.  Honestly, the breakfast and lunch selections didn’t appeal to us at all.  Anyway, the breakfast sandwich platter came with an egg sandwich, choice of bread, fruit and yogurt.  It was all quite good.  I was disappointed that there were no power or USB outlets.  I was a little worried about the Phoenix to Honolulu leg having the same fate.  I used a legal program, Playon, which I have a lifetime subscription for to download several shows and movies for services we have subscriptions to.  In our case, Netflix, Amazon Prime and AT&T U-Verse. We watched Key & Peele (Comedy skits).  Oh, I almost forgot.  We had plenty of Mimosas. 

2017-05-03 007

We had no real layover.  Maybe 45 minutes or so before we got onto another plane.  This time we were seated in the first row of first class.  No under seat storage which sucked.  It did have electrical sockets which was great for our phones and laptops.  We actually watched TV/Movies as shown by United.  I played some silly games on my phone.  We napped.  We drank mixed drinks.  For lunch I had fish (strange meal for a plane) and Jim had lentil chili.  Both very tasty.

2017-05-03 011

2017-05-03 010

We both tried napping but were unsuccessful.  I don’t know why.  No it wasn’t excitement.  Maybe just not comfortable enough?  I don’t know.  I told you I don’t know twice; stop badgering me.

The Honolulu airport was interesting.  A lot of it is open aired.  Like, no windows.  It worked though.  I wasn’t hot… for a change.  We got our 8 bags of luggage, brought them to the curb and off Jim went for the rental.  We thought it would be better if we didn’t have to load all of our crap on and off a shuttle bus.  I just surfed Facebook while I waited.

2017-05-03 012

We set the GPS to go to the hotel and off we went.  We stopped at a McDonald’s for beverages and then decided we needed a quick snack for the road.  Simple chicken nuggets.  I only bring this up because of the unique McDonald’s menu here.  They have the typical stuff in addition to sides like SPAM, white rice, and Portuguese Sausage.

We checked into the Regency Hyatt.  Jim once again applied for Hyatt credit cards and redeemed introductory points offers for 4 nights at $0.  We upgraded our room for $75 a night to have a fantastic view of the beach.  The hotel offered free leis.  We declined since it was so late.  We were given Kukui nut leis instead.   I like these since they’ll last forever unlike flowers.


The room is amazing.  The view is amazing.  It’s still daylight and we’re running out of steam.  Being up for so many hours will do that I suppose.

2017-05-03 014

Above/Below: View from the hotel lobby.

2017-05-03 015

2017-05-03 016

Above/Below: View from our room.

2017-05-03 018

A couple of photos of the room:

2017-05-03 0232017-05-03 022

A supply run to Walmart was needed.  We wanted some snacks for the room, Jim’s beloved diet soda (we needed a lot of this), and some other odds and ends. 

2017-05-03 025Above: The Hawaiian Spam craze.

2017-05-03 024Above: They had a crazy huge section of Hawaiian shirts.

2017-05-03 013Above: Hawaiian state flower… Hibiscus. 

Once back at the hotel, we started exploring a little bit for a place to eat.  A local recommended Mac 24/7 so off we went.  Just as we were seated, the extreme tiredness set in.  Honestly, I could have just skipped dinner at this point and went to bed.

I bet you want to hear all about the unique Hawaiian dishes we ate.  Well, that’s not going to happen right now.  I had the chicken and waffles plate.  The chicken was low quality, fatty, dark meat chunks.  I ate some of it.  Jim was slightly more adventurous and had the Hawaiian Moonfish Tacos.  Luckily he got the Chipotle on the side because he does not like spicy.  I sampled the Chipotle and it was very spicy.  He enjoyed his meal.  I took a bite and liked it.  I have no photo or stock photo to share.  Here’s mine ala stock photo from their website.

chic waff

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