4-28-17 Friday (Work Update)

workA work update.  Yep, that thing we have to do for the money, the mullah, the dough.  10/1/15 was my first day where I work.  I was hired as a Junior Underwriter/Senior Processor.  I completed training but was put into a pilot program within our Closing department.  The pilot went well.  Well enough that my company decided to make it a permanent team. I taught 2 classes (this was so fun) including my supervisor at the time.  Afterwards, I stayed on as an assistant of sorts, helping my manager with the team.  Assigning loans, troubleshooting, Subject Matter Expert (SME), etc.  I loved the job.  We worked so well together.  Next I was asked to be a coach for a new software role out.  Myself and several other coaches went through a few weeks of training to learn this new system.  We learned the underwriting, processing and closing aspects of the system.  We didn’t train others but assisted after they came out of training.  This position had a finite life span.

In November, I applied for a position as Operations Support Analyst and got it with a level promotion.  I support my manager as well as the multiple manager’s under her.  I do a variety of tasks from managing reporting to volunteerism coordination.  None of my job duties are particularly constant.  Some are just once a month, some one a week.  I just love the variety though.  This position was to last until 2018 but is ending earlier.  At the end of July, If not sooner, I will need to find a new position.  Hopefully not a new employer.

bankYou may be asking, what’s with all the uncertainty or you could be just picking your nose and wondering why you don’t exercise more.  The company I work for and its division is a BPO (Business Process Outsourcing).  Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a subset of outsourcing that involves the contracting of the operations and responsibilities of a specific business process to a third-party service provider.  My particular division deals with credit services.  Mostly banks.  So while I work for Company A, our building has employees working on different projects/contracts for Bank B, Bank C, Bank D, etc.  We provide underwriting, closing, processing, quality control, document review and other services.  The project I work on, Bank B, its contract is ending sooner than expected due to the recent mortgage rate increases which led to less refi business and in turn dropped Bank B’s first mortgage business.

contractThere are many other contracts around me that I may be able to slide into. Am I worried?  No.  Am I concerned?  Yes.  Are you still picking your nose?  Don’t answer.  Luckily, my company isn’t just about credit.  I can apply for jobs within our main company.  There’s many consultant positions, tech, etc out there.  I really want to stay with my company.  I like them.  No, I’m not just saying that because my manager might be reading (waving hi to her).  My company treats us employees well.  With my project ending, there were some changes.  My company takes care of its employees.  They retrained some of them and redeployed them in new areas.  For some, they had experts help them with interviewing, fine tune skills, spruce up their résumés, and then have them apply for various positions within the company. 

Wow, I wasn’t really expecting to go so deep.  This was meant to be a little back story and then a current status.  It just turned into a monster.  Sorry about that.  If you managed to stick with the entire story, you get a prize.  No, not really.  Pat yourself on the back though.  You deserve that.  I mean, heck, this was such a boring post, I didn’t even proofread.

The point.  Oh, the frick’n point.  Oh yeah.  Well, I may have a job/career change in the near future.   AND I’m going to stay positive.  Wishing me luck can’t hurt though.


  1. Hey, we all know you're a very bright guy. I really think for you if one door closes another will open. Hope that's not too simplistic.

    1. Not too simplistic at all. That's what I'm hoping for.

  2. If they are smart, they will do what they need to to keep you. If they can't, I have no doubt that you will be grabbed up my something better. Have a great cruise !!!!!


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