5-11-17 Thursday (Kailua Kona)

Today we have a 9am-3pm excursion on the other side of the Big Island.  Yesterday was Hilo, today is Kailua Kona.


Our excursion?  Kohala Waterfalls Adventure - Immerse yourself in stunning private waterfalls, tranquil streams, scenic coastlines and rugged valleys on this North Kohala adventure. Kick off the fun with an off-road drive to an exclusive trailhead.

Highlights include:
  • Ramble off-road in a 6-wheel-drive Pinzgauer (an Austrian military vehicle)
  • Take a relaxed, guided walk through a private nature reserve
  • Cool off with a swim under one of seven cascading waterfalls
  • Walk through a restored ancient Hawaiian agricultural site
  • Enjoy a private picnic lunch with views of soaring seacliffs and remote valleys, at one of the island’s best scenic lookouts

This tour was on private lands as well.  Our tour guide, Uncle Danny… wait… wasn’t Uncle Danny yesterday’s tour guide?  Well coincidence, we got him again.  This side of the island is actually where he lives and generally guides.  So we took a small bus from Kailua Kona to Hawi (see map below). 


Pros: We got to see the terrain change.  Near Kailua Kona, there isn’t much for landscape.  The land is still healing from an eruption years ago.  As we drove to Hawi, the landscape/terrain changed.  We were back to tropical. 

2017-05-11 417Above: Scrunched into a Pinzgauer (an Austrian military vehicle) to get to the waterfalls.

2017-05-11 427

2017-05-11 210

2017-05-11 211

2017-05-11 214

2017-05-11 215

2017-05-11 216

2017-05-11 217

2017-05-11 436

2017-05-11 433

At one of the waterfalls, everyone was invited in for a swim.  Only a few partook.  Jim was one of them.  Jim said, “It was cold!  Not romantic at all.”

2017-05-11 429

2017-05-11 430

2017-05-11 431

2017-05-11 432

We ended up here for lunch.  This overlook with several picnic tables.  Uncle Danny had drinks, chips and sandwiches.  What a friggin’ view.

2017-05-11 218

2017-05-11 219

A couple of short videos:


How do we end a day like this?  Back on the ship with a cocktail and stunning view of course:

2017-05-11 224

2017-05-11 222

2017-05-11 223


  1. Again, beautiful !!!! I love seeing your smiles. I'm glad that you and Jim didn't bounce out of the Pinzgauer.


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