5-8-17 Monday (Honolulu/Oahu)

We started our morning with the breakfast buffet onboard.  The options were amazing.  Several egg stations to create custom omelets, Eggs Benedict, fried eggs, etc.  They had waffles and pancakes.  They had Australian and English breakfast favorites as well as Scottish, and some others.  There was so much to choose from. 

Once again, we didn’t snorkel again.  Most of that was because we were still touring the island and then we had a hard time finding parking.  Then it rained.  It just wasn’t meant to be.  Sigh.  No biggy. 

Finally. we made it to the Dole Planation.  We had the world-famous DoleWhip®.  The ® is a nice touch, right?    Oh, and the DoleWhip (Pineapple icecream) was delicious. 

2017-05-08 273

The restroom sign was pretty cool.  Here:

2017-05-08 152

We stopped by a Walmart (surprise!) for an underwater camera.  We planned to snorkel and I had forgotten the camera on the ship.  As I said in a previous post, we never got the chance to snorkel.  Any who, it’s graduation time and Hawaii has a ton of leis to commemorate the occasion.  The funny, and I mean funny, thing is the lei I found below.  It is… Spam with crackers.  Seriously.  Scroll down and enjoy:






a little more…






2017-05-08 151

You’re welcome.

We returned the rental and caught an Uber back to the ship.  We stopped off at the pool bar and had to cocktail first.

2017-05-08 153

2017-05-08 154

I have no idea what we drank.  It was probably good.  After cocktails, we showered and went to muster.  If you’ve cruised before then you know what it is.  If not:

A muster drill (also sometimes referred to as a lifeboat drill or a boat drill) is an exercise conducted by the crew of a ship prior to embarking on a voyage. The purpose of a muster drill is to prepare passengers for safe evacuation in the event of an emergency while on board the ship and to familiarize crew and passengers with escape routes. In a muster drill, passengers are educated on the use of life vests and escape routes from the ship. It is typically conducted approximately 30 minutes prior to the ship's scheduled departure time and all guests must remain silent during the drill so that everyone will be able to hear the safety announcements from the captain. To alert that the drill is in progress, a general emergency alarm is sounded and after the signal, the captain explains what the passengers need to do.

Oh, and just so you know, the muster drill is even more boring than that definition above.

Our cruise came with perks.   One of the free perks we chose was a free classic drink package (alcohol package).  Unfortunately, we experienced a lot of push back and package differences from one bar to another this evening which made for unwanted vacation stress.  We went to Customer Service and were joined by another couple, Steve and Karen, who had the same issue.  We all met with the bar manager.  Eventually, we were upgraded to the Premium package for free.  This covered more expensive alcohols.  Long story short, the package we picked changed since we booked and the changes were poorly communicated throughout the fleet/bars which created the inconsistencies.  Apparently, many people were affected and had already complained about it.  We joined Steve and Karen for premium cocktails to celebrate our “victory”.  We enjoyed their company several more times throughout the cruise.


Depart at 10pm


  1. I think they're pilfering through the rooms while everyone is gone. �� The lei is hysterical. My friend's son is Hawaiian and they do money leis in CA.

    1. Cash is always better. He can buy his own Spam.


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