7-14-13 Sunday (Upgraded)

Jim and I reminisce a lot.  The topics vary but most of the time it’s about our RVing adventures.  This particular weekend was when we started it all.  I pulled up several posts and many a time this weekend said, “remember when we…”  2008 was the big year.  2009, we finished up our trip and the rest I just included for the hell of it.

This weekend in our history:

7/13/2008 = I started our blog to chronicle our lives while RVing around the country. This is story of how all of this happened.

7/14/2008 = We picked up our RV!

7/13/09 = We’re in New Orleans and having a little fridge trouble.

7/14/09 = We departed New Orleans and arrived in Georgia to have the RV fridge fixed.

7/13/10 = Spotted a deer.

7/14/10 = I show off my weight loss and complain about BJ’s pricing.

7/13/11 = Bad videos at the Chiropractor.  Tooth issues.  Oral surgeon.

7/14/11 = Emergency root canal.

7/13/12 = Bad day, trip to Augusta, I discover tethering.

7/15/12 = Jim builds sewer lines.

Now for the quiz to make sure you read them all… I’ll put it in the mail.

I forgot to chronicle the weekend as I typically do.  Here’s what a remember.  Friday, packed, picked up Jim, ate Publix subs, drove to Augusta.  Now I remember why the weekend is a blur (as of 7/16/13).  It’s because it rained ALL weekend. It’s not like we didn’t check the weather first.  We made the decision to go regardless of the weather.  Or perhaps, in spite of the weather. 

Saturday we went to brunch with Paul and Jeff.  We went to the Marriott’s breakfast buffet. It was good.  The last time we were there, we got sticker shock when we found out AFTER we drank that Mimosas were $8 each.  This time, Jim ordered a bottle of champagne and the juice was free so we made our own. 

2013-07-13 001Above: Jeff and Paul

We took a walk along the riverside which was severely flooded. Here’s some comparisons photos.

2013-06-29 004Above: 6/29/13

2013-07-13 003Above: 7/13/13

I also noticed this strange door on the Marriott.  We theorized it’s an elevator access shaft but it’s still amusing. 

2013-07-13 007

Afterwards we came home, napped (Mimosa head) and the we shopped and shopped.  We went to so many places I can’t even remember.  We stopped at 3 mobile home places to see if getting a mobile home was doable (it might be).  We went to the Augusta Mall, Walmart, and where ever else.

Over the weekend, I checked cruise prices.  I tend to check them weekly or bi-weekly. 

Prices 5-15-13 per CelebrityAbove: May 15th – our cabin class is sold out and the Veranda (balcony) is unobtainable.


Prices 7-13-13 per CelebrityAbove: July 13th – our cabin class is more expensive and yet the higher class, Veranda, is way cheaper than what we paid! We paid $1299 each.

We got a hold of our travel agent and friend, Ruby at AAA.  She was able to get us a double upgrade to the Concierge Class which is a Veranda with extras:

Complimentary tote bag
Custom blended bath products (shampoo, conditioner and lotion), shower cap, cotton balls and cotton swabs
Water/wine glasses
Celebrity eXhaleSM bedding featuring 100% cotton linens and plush down duvet, pillows and custom premium mattresses
Hair dryer

Stateroom Features:
Private mini-bar*
Interactive Samsung flat-screen television system to view and select shore excursions, order room service, and watch movies*
Private safe
Dual voltage 110/220AC outlets

*Additional charges apply.

That was all the Veranda features, now for the next upgrade:

In addition, Concierge Class staterooms include:

Priority check-in
Priority disembarkation
Personalized Concierge service
Evening delivery of hors d'oeuvres
Complimentary shoeshine service
Express luggage delivery

Main and specialty restaurant seating time preferences
Upgraded room service menu

Complimentary welcome sparkling wine
Fresh fruit
Fresh flowers
Plush Frette® bathrobes
Oversized 100% cotton bath towels
Pillow menu (I LOL at this every time)
Handheld hair dryer
Celebrity tote bag
Personalized stationery
Use of binoculars and golf umbrella

Stateroom Features:
Hansgrohe® massaging showerhead

I’m sooooo excited.  Naturally, Jim would prefer the money back but that’s not possible.  At least I feel like we’ll be pampered.  We’ve never had amenities like this.

3 days later, now look at the prices:

Prices 7-16-13 per CelebrityAbove: July 16th - The Veranda price is back up, the Concierge Class is unobtainable. 

How crazy is that?

Jim said maybe next time we’ll just get time off work for a specific week.  We’ll “plan” a cruise and stalk the prices weekly.  We’ll buy it when it seems really low. If it isn’t the “right” price then we’ll do something else.  Jim checked airfare prices and those are still the same.  Maybe next to Hawaii?  


  1. Dangit, why didn't you tell us all when the price dropped to $699? Oh, right, because then we'd all be stalking you on your vacation.

    Which reminds me...I had a dream last night that we ran into each other totally randomly at some school or workshop or something. You were helping a friend on a project, painting a theater set or something. Details unclear, please ask again.

    Now I have to go back and read that first blog post, to see what prompted such madness.

    1. LOL. No stalking!

      Me painting a theater set... nope, not me. I'm so honored to have been in one of your dreams!

  2. I loved reading about your RVing adventures, and look at that -- you picked up the RV on my birthday! :)


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