7-19-13 Friday (Booted)

Work continues to go well for me… thanks for asking.  Dasher is doing wonderfully… thanks for asking.  Life is good, I can’t can complain.  Sometimes little things drag us, (as in you, me, him, her) down and we forget about the things that ARE going our way.  I really have so many things to be thankful for.  I’ll refrain from gloating; I do it often enough.  It’s like the blog is a place for me to pat myself on the back. Even though this is my blog, naturally I make it appeal to others.  I research links, I take photos, all for the name of blogging as if I’m doing you a favor.  It serves 2 purposes for me.  A diary.  I’ve used it tons of times to find out when we did or bought something.  It’s also a place to brag.  Honestly, maybe it’s not. I suppose I give equal attention to my failures as I do my accomplishments.  With any luck, I post more about accomplishments because hopefully failures are on the low end of the ratios. 

The scary thing is I’m not really sure where that paragraph came from.  Nothing particularly inspired it.  I wrote it Friday night after settling into our Augusta campsite.  Perhaps I was tired?  I reread that paragraph several times and tried tweaking the wording but can’t find the right combo, so I’ll leave it.  It’s pretty.

OK, cruise talk again.  We plan to bring our laptops.  We’re not paying the ridiculous internet access costs on the ship.  Wanna guess how much?  Just guess # of minutes for $, then click on the photo below to enormousize it for the answer.

Internet Rates

As you can see, it’s pricey.  When we’re in port, we can tether our phones to our laptops using EasyTether like we do while in Augusta.  I can also create blog posts off-line and upload them when we have a connection.

You may ask, “is it really that important to be connected to the blogosphere or Facebook or email while on vacation in Alaska when you should be enjoying your vacation and seeing the sights, having fun and taking lots of photos with your camera but not your cell phone since those aren't the best of photos?”

And to that I reply, “Run on sentences much?”

I hope you snorted when you laughed.  Well, I hope you laughed.  Maybe a smile?  A little giggle?  Whatever.

Well, I want to blog while things are fresh in my mind.   Again, that whole-diary-journal sort of thing.  This is a big trip.  I plan to at least record bullet points of the day and then elaborate later for a post.  That shouldn’t take too long.

So, enough about you.  Let’s talk about me for a change.  On Tuesday I went to the podiatrist again.  I’ve been to two podiatrists.  The first one was the antiquated office with no computer, hand written receipts and an office bitch who said she told me they take cash only.  They also coded my visit as bunion which caused insurance to reject.  I called the insurance company who conferenced me to doctor’s, they were to research and still have never gotten back to me.  As far as I know, last I looked at my health insurance website, they’re still $180 out.  They better not even come to me for the problem. Tuesday, June 18th, the new podiatrist took xrays and couldn’t find anything wrong.  I showed him where my foot pain was and he gave me a Cortisone shot.  Relief for 4 days was all. Then the pain was in a little bit of a different location.  We figure that it was in several places and we’ve corrected one thus far.  He thinks it’s swollen. 

I went back Tuesday July 16th and he admitted he’s stumped.  I had actually marked the painful spot with a Sharpie each day because it doesn’t hurt all the time.  He gave me choices.  Cortisone shot, where a boot up till a few days prior to the cruise, or MRI.  I opted for the shot and boot for now.  I only wore the boot for the  afternoon.  Pain in the ass, plus I’d have to take it off to drive, plus we were going to Augusta and I’d be walking to the pool, and on some dirt roads, etc.  Off with the boot.

The shot has made it a lot better thus far and I’m really trying not to push it.  If it’s not better after the cruise then I’ll resort to the MRI.

Here’s a shot of our moho aka RV aka The TURD.  The lens had a little condensation on it so it appears as though I softened the photo much like TV and movies do to old wrinkly stars. 

2013-07-21 001

And finally…

I get so much spam email but I’m amazed at how hard spammers try to get you to open their site.  In the screen shot below, I got virtually the same email 4 times with a slightly different sender and subject but you can see by the preview, the body looks to be the same.


Spammers, you suck.

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