7-7-13 Sunday (Neighborhood Fornicating)

I’ve been a bachelor this weekend.  July 4th was a Thursday; Jim and I both worked Friday.  Friday after work, I went to Augusta and Jim went to Atlanta to visit his brother, nephew, mom and stepdad.  Jim is taking Monday off so I’ll see him that evening.

Jim left work a little early Friday to make his Atlanta trip.  We had bought a couple of bottles of Maurice’s Piggie Park BBQ sauce for him to bring to his mom.  As a child, she enjoyed the BBQ here while en route to visit relatives. Anyway, when I got home from work, I saw he forgot the BBQ sauce.  He said he might deviate from his route to pick up more.

On our prior Augusta visit, we accidently left our glasses at the moho.  I’m very blind, Jim is half as blind as me.  It’s made getting up in them mornings interesting since I’ve had to put my contacts in immediately.  Worse things could happen.  There’s a reason for this paragraph…  Really.

When I arrived to the moho Friday night, I opened the door and the a/c was running.  Now let me tell you, power here is on the pricey side since we pay commercial rates.  I thought that perhaps we had left the a/c on all week.  I was about to call Jim and tell him and then saw he wrote me an “I love you” message on the mirror using lipstick a wipe erase marker. I called him and he decided to go a little out of his way for the BBQ sauce, then a little more out of his way to get his glasses and then figured he’d turn the a/c on for me.  I think I’ll keep him. Later that night I found another note under my pillow.  It was on paper because writing on the bed linens with a wipe erase marker would be silly.

There, all of that pre-story info just to tell you about the notes.

The rain here has been awesomely annoying.  On Saturday I went to lunch (at Krystal Burger since Jim isn’t a fan) and then to Walmart for some supplies.  It poured, then was sunny, then poured, then sunny, it did that while driving there and while shopping.  I’ve heard it’s been like that all week.  Charlotte was like that too though. During these waves of rain, the lights turned off and on several times but not because of power issues. Walmart is full of skylights and they have sensors to turn on/off the lights according to how much light they get naturally. Unfortunately, the lights went off when I thought there really wasn’t much light.  That made it feel dark and dingy.  Not that Walmart is known for it’s ambiance.  Speaking of which, there were tons of scarictures (a word Jim made up (scary + characters) to describe scary odd looking people) lurking in Walmart.  No photos.  Sorry.  At one point the rain became torrential. 

I made it back to the RV and amazingly enough, I lucked out loading the car in between sun and rain.  It was a little sunny out and toyed with going to the pool but it’s so unpredictable.  Well, maybe it’s predictable that it WILL rain again.  I decided to take a nap instead.  I’m sure that during the entire time I napped it was bright, dry and sunny.  As soon as I woke up, I took the dog for a walk.  Not out of the damn RV for even 1 minute and it was raining.  Harder, then harder.  Dasher peed, we fled back to the RV.

Saturday night I enjoyed dinner with some campground friends.  They’re a hoot.  While we sat outside and they grilled some steaks and chicken, you’ll never guess what happened.  It started raining.  We moved under the awning.  We ate inside which was the plan whether it rained or not.  They’re much like I am.  It’s too hot, too many bugs and eating dinner should be a comfortable experience.  Sitting inside they’re beautiful moho was awesome.  I’m envious of it. 

Sunday was pack and go.  Once I was in Charlotte, I did the food shopping for the week.  Jim came home on Monday.  He had a nice visit with his family.

I was bad about posting some photos in the last 2 entries.

2013-06-23 011

2013-06-23 010Above: We spotted these 2 chasing each other in the neighborhood.  I think they were trying to fornicate!

While in Augusta on the 29th, we did finally get to go to that “Saturday Market on the River”.  Lots of vendors selling their junk wares. We enjoyed walking around.  They have a big open fountain that kids… and I guess adults can run through.  It was nice to cool off from the mist it created.

2013-06-29 002

2013-06-29 004

Above/Below: There’s also a fantastic Riverwalk that we enjoy strolling on.

2013-06-29 005

And finally:

2013-06-30 006Above: I spotted this in Walmart.  It says “condiments” above the frozen food.  Anyone care to put a Jimmy Dean Croissant atop their burger?


  1. I guess our guys love us. While I was in CA visiting our son I got a really nice "I miss you" card from Ross. I think I will keep him too!!

  2. Major points for Jim. That totally gets him one or two "get out of jail free" cards.

    "Moho," eh? Do you seriously think I can resist making a "Homo Moho" joke in here?

    Of course not.

    Speaking of which, where are the photos of that beautiful moho you're so jealous of? C'mon Atherton, you're totally slacking here! (Bunny fornication doesn't count without some actual evidence of fornication.)

    1. Oh, there plenty of "moho" jokes. =)

      OK, I'll take some RV photos. What do you want a photo of? The exterior?


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