10-21-12 Sunday (Pallets And Trailers)

On Friday our supervisor bought lunch (well the company did) for our team as a farewell to Ja-Nessa.  Free lunch is good, Salsarita’s (like a Moe’s) makes it even better. 

Speaking of food, I’m fat.  I’m nearly 220 pounds and am the largest I’ve been in my life.  Although I won’t post Jim’s info without consulting him, Jim is fat too.  Weight Watchers?  Atkins?  My friend, blogger and fitness guru Norma recommended I purchase “The Eat-Clean Diet For Men”.  I did.  Immediately.


Eat Clean

DietSo far I like the way it’s laid out although I haven’t read much of it yet.  I hate to read put I think this is going to keep my attention.  The format of this book is ingenious.  It feels like a magazine with articles through out and lots of high resolution photos.  I think the diet is similar, if not the same as “The Caveman Diet”… basically eat only natural stuff.  This is gonna be tough.  BUT no calorie counting.  No points.  I know there’s no easy diet.  Trust me, I know.  What I do know is how I’ve fooled myself into thinking that I can be healthy just by losing weight.  Diet X allows me to eat Twinkie’s, icecream, etc.  What I wasn’t realizing is what’s in those foods.  Luckily Norma points out all of the SHIT that’s in our food.  I just hope the book is spot on about what it says.

Thursday night we packed for Augusta.  Friday I left an hour early from work, packed up the car, picked up Jim and off to Augusta we went.  We stopped at a Harris Teeter for some subs that Jim had ordered in advance and then drove to a rest area and ate our dinner at one of the picnic pavilions.  Later we arrived at the resort, unpacked, relaxed and then socialized.  We haven’t been here since early September.  The weather will be upper 40’s at night and upper 70’s by day. 

Jim was in the mood for prime rib so for lunch on Saturday we went to Outback with a $10 off lunch coupon.  Naturally we found that they didn’t serve prime rib until 4pm.  Oh well.  I was totally creeped out in this place.  All the blinds were closed and it felt strange to not have natural light coming in when it was abundantly available.  I had this really strange feeling.  It felt supernatural.  That’s all I’m saying.

The rest of the day we napped, relaxed, etc.  Using a Living Social coupon, we went to Red Bowl Asian for dinner.  We started with the Red Bowl Ultimate Combo (For 2): Potstickers, Crab Wonton, Crispy Chicken Egg Rolls, Grilled Chicken Satays and Thai Jumbo Shrimp.  I had Bourbon Chicken and Jim had something he saw on their website, Pineapple Gai Pan: Sliced chicken breast stir-fried, sauteed with snow peas, bamboo shoots, carrots, baby corn and pineapple chunks in our home-made light sweet & sour white wine sauce.     

Above/Below: One is from the website, one isn’t.  Which is which?

2012-10-20 003

We both thought our entrees were a little lackluster.  I would still go back though because there’s so many other things to have there and I liked their ambiance.

Jim did a couple of projects.  He lined our white trash deck bottom with weed block (I’m too ashamed to snap another photo of it but it’s that pallet he rebuilt a month ago).  He hung the valance of over the doorway.  When the door is used for the bedroom, the top has a big gap (the way it was designed) at the top which allows too much light in from the shower’s skylight dome.  This totally sucks for naps.  We bought a clearance valance and Jim Grandmother altered it when she was in town. Now the gap is covered.  Let’s nap to celebrate!

2012-10-21 004

I bought a new light fixture for the bathroom.  12V fixtures are way overpriced but I got this from an eBay merchant:

2012-10-21 005

Friend’s Gene and Winston finished their deck and roof-over:

2012-10-21 006

That’s our rig next to them.

Well, that’s all I’ve got.  Dasher is very tired of typing:

2012-10-20 0022012-10-20 001


  1. Miss Chef has read the, I guess, standard eat clean diet. She said there was some ridiculous stuff in it, but it was basically a good philosphy. You do as much as your shopping as farmers' markets as possible--they don't sell Twinkies or chicken nuggets. (also, since the meat's so expensive, it encourages you to fill your diet with more veggies!)

    Not that it works for us, either. Pizza delivery is much more convenient than cooking.

    Also...Dasher looks like he's wearing a Chippendale's-style mesh vest with a bow tie. Now I know how you afford your extravagant lifestyle!

    1. LOL. Maybe I can get someone to sew a bow on his harness!

  2. It's not even close to the caveman diet. We eat paleo (the caveman diet). The major flaw in the diet you posted is all those "healthy" grains. Otherwise, yes it's good. But that flaw is HUGE (read makes you stinking fat and unhealthy).

    We eat good quality meat, plenty of good for you fats (olive oil, coconut oil, real butter, fat from those meats including tasty bacon fat, avocado, & nuts), veggies and small amounts of fruit. We don't count anything. We eat as much as we need to. What we don't eat is any grains, any legumes (which includes peanuts), sugar, processed foods and bad fats (margerine, butter/oil blends, corn oil, canola oil, safflower oil, anything hydrogenated).

    It's been easier to do than we ever imagined it would be. It was an adjustment at first because we can no longer rely on fast food or convenience foods. We cook a lot! But it's completely worth it. Not only have we been loosing weight steadily, we seriously feel so much better overall. Digestive issues...GONE. Occasionally we allow ourselves some of the forbidden foods because life happens and we're human. But when we do, we feel like shit afterwards. It makes it easy to stay clean most of the time. All those grains keep you in a cycle of hunger, plus they tear your gut up.

    But....I'm not to sugar-coat it. Eating this way takes being seriously fed up with the standard diet/fall off the wagon/diet again/fall off the wagon again cycle most diets spin you into. Eating paleo is less about getting thin quick and more about taking control of your health for the long term. So....you gotta be willing to go there! We had just reached that point.

    What a lot of paleo books propose is that you commit to the diet for 30 days. See what happens and how you feel. Most people struggle the first few weeks and then all of a sudden things get much better. And then the results are usually enough that you are ready and willing for more. That's about how it went for us. I had days of crying at about three weeks in because I was so overwhelmed by the changes in how I had to cook. But I stuck it out and that all resolved itself soon. We've been at it almost seven months (how many times have you stayed on a "diet" for seven whole months? Us...never until now). As far as we're concerned this is how we will always eat. Only difference once we reach the weight we're happy at is that we'll indulge in more healthy carbs than we do now.

    1. Brenda, thanks for all the info! I really need to finish reading this book and then make a commitment. I am truly hoping that eating crap will make me feel like crap. I think that's the best incentive!

  3. If money is no object give Seattle Sutton a look/see.

    All your food is prepared for you. It is all fresh food - not like weight watchers.

    I really liked it, but is out of our budget at the moment.


    1. I remember you guys being on that. There's so many diets but I think we need a lifestyle change...

  4. http://www.dailymuscle.com/2006/05/12/lets-talk-about-sex-and-calories/

    Have more sex and masterbate more :)

  5. This is how I lost 23lbs in about 3 months, really accidentally.
    This past Feb., it started when I gave up sweets (for lent). Then, I started a job with a 3p-11p shift at the end of March. That disrupted my (huge) evening meal.
    Due to the odd break times, I started eating 1/2 my dinner at 5:30pm and the other 1/2 at 7:30pm.. It made a huge difference. I could barely eat the 2nd 1/2 of my dinner. I would split my dinner into two containers, it made it much easier to avoid eating it all. (at first)
    In the morning I would eat an 1 egg omelet w/fat free lunch meat. For mid morning snack: it's usually yogurt, 3 or 4 lunch-meat roll-ups wrapped in swiss cheese.
    Lunch a 1/2 (loaded) sandwich with very small amount of chips, or hamburger or left over dinner, something substantial.
    (THIS IS WHAT I ATTRIBUTE THE SUCCESS TO)>> Also, a 1/2 of peanut butter (only) sandwich at 3pm kept me satisfied until dinner. (I call it my hydroxycut) Sometimes I would do celery and PB.
    Long story short: I still eat the foods I want, I just eat 1/2 the amount but eat 6 times a day.
    I think what happened is that I jump started my metabolism. I've maintained this weight loss for over 5 months. I don't gain or lose at this point. This is where I want to be.
    One month ago I got a new 8a-5p job. Yes, I've had anxiety about getting back into my old habit. I'm being very careful to continue my current regimen. Just remember, eat half of your food, save the other half for a couple of hours later and I can bet you that you will not be starving when you eat it.
    I've never lost weight like this before. I wish I had tried this much sooner. I feel like I eat all the time. It's crazy.
    (Thank you 3p-11p shift that I hated so much!) LOL
    Also, I recently had blood work done and was able to cut my cholesterol medication in 1/2, all blood work was excellent.
    Good luck Garrett.

  6. Mike, great success story. I know I definitely fail in the portion control side! Holy crap I eat so much. Thanks for the tips!


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