10-3-12 Wednesday (Dancing Or Swaying)

2012 International Festival LogoEarlier in the week, Mom and Aunt Donna spotted a billboard advertising an International Festival at the college.  They wanted to go, so off we went.  I guess we got there early enough because it wasn’t very crowded.  As the day went on it certainly filled up.  There were booths/tents set up representing various countries and their wares, foods and general information.  We saw counties that we didn’t even know was a country or had never heard of.  We sampled some stuff here and there.  Although there wasn’t an admission fee, each booth charged for the food and wares.  We enjoyed (for the most part) the entertainment as well.

2012-09-29 010Above: Booths were both inside and outside.  Armenia had some good desserts.

2012-09-29 002Above: Mom (L) and Aunt Donna (R)

2012-09-29 008Above: Jim browses pastries.

Above: I don’t remember what country this was.  This is dancing?  Oy.

After the festival, Mom and Aunt Donna took a nap and missed the huge hawk on our back fence.  Oh well:

2012-09-29 014

On our way to dinner at Red Robin, we saw some deer along the busy road.  I was excited that my mom and aunt could get to see them but we were concerned over their safety.  We passed them by so quickly too.  We decided to circle back in hopes of seeing them some more and maybe would could scare them deeper into the woods and away from traffic.  While on a side street behind the main road, we spotted a bunch more deer.  We were able to park and watch and saw “awwwww” a few dozen times.  Then further up the road we saw more.  Now whether or not these deer were some of the same we saw on the main road, I have no idea.  We counted 9 deer in total we saw.  Since it was dusk, photos didn’t come out well, but you know what they look like, right?

Next we went on to Garden Ridge.  I love Garden Ridge.  It’s like Old Time Pottery only better.   Of course we had some while there too:

2012-09-29 017Above: Mom

2012-09-29 018Above: Aunt Donna with Mom in the background.

2012-09-29 019

Above/Below: Mom

2012-09-29 020

Sunday we went to breakfast at Golden Corral.  Mom enjoyed it the last time she was here and Aunt Donna had never been to one.  We all enjoyed our waffles, omelets, cake, junk, steak, pork, and other stuff we shouldn’t eat.

2012-09-30 022

We then went to Zootastic Park.  Jim and I have been here last year so it wasn’t our first rodeo.  Here’s photos:

2012-09-30 024Above: Mom pets Simba.

2012-09-30 026Above: Baby Simba and Baby Kangaroo.

2012-09-30 028


2012-09-30 029Above: Simba is so frickin’ adorable.

2012-09-30 031

Above/Below: Mom fed the goats.  Aunt Donna was reluctant.

2012-09-30 032


2012-09-30 033


2012-09-30 034

Above/Below: Jim feeds the animals.

2012-09-30 035


2012-09-30 037


2012-09-30 038Above: Mom with a camel.

2012-09-30 040Above: Jim feeds more goats.

2012-09-30 043


2012-09-30 046Above: Something something ant eater.

Later we took Aunt Donna to the airport.  We enjoyed her visit with us! 

For the rest of the week I’ve been taking half days off from work and then going out to lunch with Mom and then shopping.


  1. Hi mom !!!! Hi Aunt Donna !!! Sounds like a nice visit. I love the zoo pictures.

  2. Looks like a very fun weekend!! The last pic from Garden Ridge looks like a skeleton is about to get fresh...

    We have an International Festival coming up here in Indy in about a month. I love it! Love trying different foods and learning about different cultures here in my city.

  3. I need to know where this Zootastic is located so I can steal that Simba!

    1. Troutman, NC... you can stay with me.

    2. Where will we hide Simba? What if he & Dasher don't mesh?

    3. They'll just have to. Although Simba might just eat Dasher. Hmmmmm.

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  5. Surely that wasn't the whole dance?

    The first picture of Jim feeding the goats made me do a double-take--I thought I saw a four-eyed goat. I was sneaking a peek at work, so I may not have been concentrating very hard...


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