10-5-12 Friday (Sketchy Date Stamps)

I didn’t mention it in the last blog post BUT I got a speeding ticket last Sunday on the way back from taking my Aunt to the airport.  I haven’t had a ticket in years.  80 in a 60 from a State Trooper.  He was apparently behind me.  It was dark out.  It all happened so fast.  I have a court date for January and have no idea how much the ticket is.  I did confirm through court websites that it’s for speeding.  I was warned by several friends and coworkers that it could be for reckless driving.  I certainly wasn’t weaving in and out of traffic.  I was driving as safe as possible since my Mom was with me.  Will I fight it?  Probably.  In the meantime I’ve received 13, yes 13, letters from various lawyers asking for my business.  Here’s just a few of them:

2012-10-05 008 Edited

Oooo, pick me, pick me.

The other day while shopping in Hobby Lobby, Jim and I spotted this tree:

2012-10-02 048

We need a new tree and love this one but not for $360.  I also don’t like prelit.  I want to be in control of the lights.  This tree has pine cones, berries, “ice” crystals and snow.  I think I can recreate the look so I bought some stuff to do that with on a cheaper tree which we still have yet to buy.  Once again, the stores are flooded with prelit.

While parking the car I glanced over at the car next to be and spotted this:

2012-10-03 001

It reads “gospel only” and is stuck on the radio.  So odd.  Is it mom’s car and one of the kids is using it so she’s reminding them that her radio should only play gospel?  Strange.  Is that strange or is it even stranger that I took a picture?

On Thursday, Mom and I went to Hamricks and Plaza Fiesta.  Hamricks is an old worn out store that caters to old Southern women.  The clothes were atrocious.  In Plaza Fiesta, Mom spotted a photo drawing booth and want to get a picture done:

2012-10-04 002

2012-10-04 003

2012-10-04 001

The date that printed on the photo was 8-4-12 instead of 10-4-12.  I hate when dates print on any photos especially digital cameras when people don’t bother to change the date and time at all.  Just leave it off.  I had to crop it out of the photo.  I should call the company and ask for a refund of the $3 telling them with the wrong date they ruined my photo.

More goofiness:

2012-10-04 004

2012-10-04 005Above: This elevated concrete base appears to be remnants of where a statue once was.  It’s several steps up.  I asked Mom to stand up there and pose like a statue. 

Tomorrow (Saturday), we’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of Oz.  Really.  yeah, just look for the next post…

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  1. Ross's camera has a setting that makes any picture you take show in sketch art. It is really cool. I like your picture with mom.


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