11-1-12 Thursday (What Are They Trying To Say?)

I’m definitely not perfect when it comes to grammar and spelling. I rely a lot on spellcheck. I passed a Hooters who was advertising on their reader board “2013 calenders available”. It appalled me. It was dark, I didn’t have my camera and I doubt the photo would have been worth a damn.

On Friday we went to dinner at Monterrey Mexican Restaurant.  The food was good but their drink menu bugged the shit out of me.  This place has 3 locations so it’s not a real small business.  The menu was full of spelling errors.

2012-10-26 031Above: “on the rock”

2012-10-26 026Above: “Run”

2012-10-26 027Above: Maybe not an error but isn’t it usually made with Vodka?

2012-10-26 028Above: “grapefruits”

2012-10-26 029Above: “fill with cola”

2012-10-26 030Above: “Ask your server your favorite brand”

And that was just on the drinks menu…

We stopped at Kohl’s and saw these wood turkeys.

2012-10-26 032Above: “Decorative purposes only”.  Now I’ll have to find something else to make for Thanksgiving dinner.

Jim’s coworker, Kelly, invited us to a wine tasting party for Saturday.  Prior to going I realized that it was one of those parties that are like Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Party Lite, etc where you attend to buy overpriced items from a friend, relative or coworker out of guilt.  In this case, through The Traveling Vineyard.  Honestly, we had a lot of fun.  We sampled 6 wines, ate cheese, chocolate, and fruit, laughed, and caught a buzz.  Naturally they’d like you to “join the team” and sell the product as a supplemental income however like any of the other home based businesses, they’d love someone to host a party too.  I’m actually thinking of hosting one in a month or two.  I think it would be fun!

tearsglassWe learned a thing or two about wine.  Aerating.  Taste before and after.  Pairing with a food, how some foods make wine taste nasty while others enhanced the flavor.  Looking and testing wine’s “legs”.  The stuff we had all had a high alcohol content unlike some of the cheaper wines Jim and I normally get.  We even compared what the demonstrator, Meg, said against labels in the store.  I forget the exact numbers but we’ve been drinking 9% versus the 18% alcohol content we liked from The Traveling Vineyard line.  Get drunk on less wine?  Perhaps.

Two bottles of wine and a chiller bag purchase later…  (insert cha-ching noise here)

On Sunday we hosted a brunch.  We had 9 of us altogether.  I took photos of how Jim set up the table and “bar” but not much else really.  I guess I kept busy with cooking sausage and making waffles.

2012-10-28 003

2012-10-28 010

Above/Below: Little and Dasher play.

2012-10-28 009

A few weeks back (while my Mom was here), Jim had done a fantastic job at decorating the house.  I hadn’t snapped any photos of it until recently.  He loves handing out candy for Halloween and scaring the children.  He had so many remote and automated animatronic little things around the porch and driveway.  He made several kids scream.  He also decided to make himself look, well I don’t know what he was going for, but he put makeup on his face that was kinda zombie meets soldier meets biker?  Not sure.  He was having fun.

2012-10-28 0062012-10-28 005

I haven’t heard anything back on the position I interviewed with the recruiter for so I guess I don’t get to move on to the next step.  I’ll keep trying.


  1. That menu is what happens when you have someone who can't speak English trying to write in English. I always say, welcome to America. Now speak English. I even have a T shirt that says that.
    There are only 8 places set at the table. Where did the last person eat?
    Nice decorations !!!!!!

    1. You're sharp. Good catch. The 9th person was a possible so when he did indeed show up Jim added another place setting.

  2. My favorite menus are the Chinese ones. Hysterical! Love all the Halloween decorations. :)

  3. Your Halloween house looks awesome!!!


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