10-18-12 Thursday (Not Quite White Chocolate)

Phone-InterviewOn Wednesday I had a phone interview.  It was for a position within my company.  Not quite the underwriting position I’d like but I think it would be an awesome job that can get me where I want to be.  There’s 4 spots open.  I’ll know by next week if I get to move forward in the process.  Keep your fingers crossed.  How long does one keep their fingers crossed? 

The interviewed seemed to have went fine.  I was asked 2 situational or perhaps behavioral questions such as “if you were a shoe, what kind would you be?” and “Sally is your coworker by day and a hooker by night, do you solicit her evening services?”  I asked if I could phone a friend.  The line went dead but then the nice lady responded after I said, “hello?” several times. 

Jim hung our paintings up in the utility room.  He said he hung them there because it was the only wall available.  We still plan to get some decorative or vintage laundry room stuff to adorn the walls with.  In the meantime our paintings are displayed.

2012-10-13 002  2012-10-13 001

The other day, managers came around handing out boxes.  Some people got them and some didn’t.  I got one but didn’t know why.   It was obviously too small to pack my belongings into.  Inside was a decorative box with my company’s logo on it.  Inside a gift pack of a company logo mug, 4 packets of Ghirardelli hot chocolate, 4 Ghirardelli chocolate squares and then some Walker’s shortbread packs.  Nice gift box.

I asked about the gift and it was for winning a blitz.  The prior month I sold 0, then next month I sold 1 so that qualified me.  Awesome!

I brought it home where Jim and I immediately ate all of the eatables.  Hmmmm, no spell check issue, eatables is a word!  And here I thought I created a word.  Hmph.  The Ghirardelli squares were totally whitened like it was old chocolate.  Sigh.  Thanks for the gift.  I hope the mug wasn’t colored with lead based paint.

2012-10-17 003

A couple of weeks ago I won something else at work and was given some reflector keychain thing with a built in flashlight.  The flashlight did not work.  I didn’t exchange it or anything since I didn’t think I’d really be using it anyway.  I just wanted to add it to my defunct freebie list.

All in all, as much as I complain (which is often) about the free this and that, I really do appreciate it all.  Aside from holidays, what does your employer do for you?

Next up, weekend in Augusta…

Look at this tree outside my desk window!



  1. Please tell me those were NOT real questions in the job interview???

    1. Doc Martens
    2. How much does she charge per hour?


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