10-12-12 Friday (Intoxicating Paints)


I have back issues from time to time.  I’ve been to chiropractors throughout the years and it’s nothing more than adjustments.  No ruptured discs, herniated this or that, just out of alignment.  I’m happy with that!  While Mom was here, I was having my typical back pain.  After she left, the pain changed to my right hip lower back region.  Not typical for me and the pain increased.  I’ve just been putting off going to a chiropractor since I haven’t found one I like and trust just yet.  My last few visits to one was, well to summarize, left me with scarring animal deaths and their need to schedule me for every last bit of insurance approved visits totally wiping me out of insurance coverage. 

On Thursday, the pain was terrible so on a friend’s (Ja-Nessa) recommendation, off I went to Anderson Family Chiropractic.  I felt instant relief but it will take a few visits.  Later in the day, as expected, it started to hurt again, hence why the other visits are needed.  I checked-in to the chiropractor’s office and my friend and dentist, David, replied that he too used that chiro with much success.  This makes me happy.  Especially when a medical professional personally uses another medical professional. 

Bad Dog:

Dasher was naughty and peed on the living room area rug.  In one spot it warped the wood floor slightly.  Enough to infuriate me but not enough to leave the dog on someone else’s doorstep… yet.  I love that dog.  I did chase him around the house yelling at him without smacking him.  Jim and I have found that the best punishment for him is to ignore him and not allow him to lay with us or be near us.  He thrives on cuddle time.  Anyway this is the 2nd time this week.  No he doesn’t have an infection or bladder issues.  So this time we took the rug out into the garage so I could steam clean it.  This was at 11pm on a Friday night after painting.  Painting?  Yeah, I’ll talk about that later.  Stop interrupting me.  The rug will have to sit in the garage a few days lifted off the floor to allow air to circulate over and under it. I’m smart like that.

Electronics/Electrics/Gassy Things:

The carpet cleaner sound like the motor is gonna die.  It’s been like that ever since, well, I don’t even really remember.  Anyway, its newest issue is tripping a breaker or GFI.  It happened several times while using it and only added to my hissy fit with the dog.  So much so that once I finished I chased him around the house again.  Poor Dasher… my ass.  Little bastard.

I haven’t began troubleshooting just yet but the damn printer displays a printhead error. Luckily it still prints. I’ve Googled a little bit and found some steps to manually cleaning the printhead so I’ll try that at some point.

Last week while grilling, the flames went real low.  The tank had plenty of gas.  Jim disconnected the gauge part and it seemed to work fine.  It happened a few more times with the gauge disconnected during other grilling events this week.  We figured out that if you turn the gas off and restart then the flames are OK again.  Probably a regulator?  We bought one, Jim installed it and we’re hoping that with a few sacrifices of chicken to the grill Gods, they’ll ensure a smooth grilling process.


A month or 2 or 3 ago, a few of us (friends at work) bought some drink-wine-at-an-art-studio-while-you-paint type of coupon for Cajun Canvas.  An excerpt from their website says:

Bring a bottle of wine or a few beers to enjoy as you follow along with the artist to create a ‘Painting By You‘. Everyone that visits Cajun Canvas begins with a blank canvas. You will receive step-by-step instructions which are designed for all skill levels. At the end of the class you have a completed painting to take home. Don’t worry, even if you’ve never taken a painting class before, you will be able to follow along. It is Fun and Relaxing.

There’s several of these businesses in our town so there’s bound to be at least one in yours.  Google “paint party” or “paint with wine” or “Paint while drinking wine”.  It’s fun!  We had such a great time.  Besides, all of the cool kids are doing it.  It was me and Jim, Jason and Ja-Nessa, and Shanda and Jason.

2012-10-12 024Above: Shanda and Ja-Nessa

2012-10-12 026Above: Ja-Nessa serves up some wine!

2012-10-12 027Above: Our art instructor.  Jason (shown below) says he was a stoner.  We all agreed.  He was fun though.

2012-10-12 029Above: Jim and Ja-Nessa’s Jason.

2012-10-12 033Above: Shanda and Ja-Nessa

2012-10-12 034Above: Jim

2012-10-12 035

Above: Shanda and Ja-Nessa background.

Jason and Jason foreground.

2012-10-12 038Above: Shanda save some for us!

2012-10-12 045

Above/Below: Shanda and Ja-Nessa.  I had fun with my camera OR you’re seeing this because you’ve had too much wine too?

2012-10-12 046

2012-10-12 048Above: Ja-Nessa’s Jason

2012-10-12 052Above: Jason & Shanda, Jim & Garret, Ja-Nessa & Jason.

We totally rocked it and had a blast!

Animated Painting

Workin’ It:

It’s almost a year ago that I applied for and was given a “promotion” or “step-up” into a “better” department.  Notice all those quotes.  It’s the same job (phone sales), different clients, selling one product more than I did previously.  It’s turned out that my department has actually had more restrictions than previous.  It also has been near impossible (but I still have managed) to achieve a quarterly incentive.  Recently, in both my previous and new positions, my company has stripped away our ability to send out emails and soon will cut off our external internet.  If we never had it before it wouldn’t be a big deal but since we have indeed had it, when they take it away, it will feel like punishment.  What’s next?  A common question.  90% of my department wants out.  Recently, management has said that they are aware of the issues, frustrations and such but things are going to change.  “Hold on”, it’s gonna get better.  I think it’s too late.  Sometime next week, we’ll lose 5 of our bankers to another department.  A department that promises less baby sitting, more pay, better advancement, and less junk coming through the phones.  I didn’t apply.  It’s still phone sales and the hours weren’t favorable.  My year in my department is almost up and I’ll be able to post outside of the sales department.  Right now, if under a year, I can post to some jobs within my group and I’m just not interested.  Well, there’s a few I was interested in so I applied.  One position was withdrawn (a training position that I really really wanted) and another I was turned down for.  So I’ll wait my turn.  I’ll wait for what I truly want.


Ja-Nessa has given her notice.  She’s moving back to Florida.  Her and her husband, Jason, has missed it so much.  They’ll be a going away party on Monday after work.  I’ll miss her.  Our department will miss her.  Our supervisor will miss her.




  1. Aww.....I feel honored to have my own section in your blog. I will miss you garret but I expect a visit;)

  2. Damn, dude, you were like right in my backyard! The Cajun Canvas is in the same strip mall as our gym, which is about 2 or 3 miles from our house. Thanks for bringing some wine over, geez.

    Your job and household issues both sound stressing and depressing. We've been having loads of pee issues with Rosie. She's on antibiotics for a second time because she does have an infection, and she doesn't have accidents while she's on them. But after she finished the last course she got reinfected or something and started having problems again. It did help my hissy fits to know it really wasn't her fault! How old is Dasher?

    1. Dasher is 12.

      I hope I didn't trample your garden while being in your backyard!

  3. So going to get your paintings framed and displayed in your home somewhere?

    There was a Groupon for a similar drink wine (They provide) and paint thing here in Des Moines. Emailed a few local friends and nobody was interested..... They are poops ;)



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