1-21-12 Saturday (Babies Make Me Sick)

It’s been a week since I last posted.  I guess with being back to work it’s the typical day.  Work, dinner, TV.  Maybe we need to get out of the house in the evenings just to be active or something? 

imageLast Sunday we went to see Twilight.  During any type of horror movie, I’m fine.  I like them.  I can separate fiction from non-fiction in my mind.   There was a birthing scene that made me feel ill.  The top of my head was covered in sweat and I got very nauseated.  The thought hadn’t crossed my mind to “think it through” to calm down and instead I was caught up in the moment.  The LONG scene was torture for me and eventually I was fine.  I told Jim about it afterward and we had a chuckle.  I’m not sure where all that came from.  Oh, and 2 large sodas, and a large popcorn was $18.75.  Holy shit!

We were supposed to go snow tubing on Sunday but with me having to work Saturday, we just had to much to do and figured we’d go this weekend.

On Monday, my second weigh in, I lost  2.8 pounds.  This weekend and next will be tough.  We’ll be enjoying Charlotte Restaurant Week once again.   Nom, nom, nom.  More details later after tonight’s visit!

imageWednesday, I swapped schedules with a coworker and went in at 11:30.  I had a dentist appointment.  As usual, problems were spotted.  I’ll be undergoing yet another root planing (aka deep cleaning, aka scaling) which will be broken up into 2 visits.  I’m so sad by this.  About 2 years ago I added flossing to my daily routine.  Because I went a while between cleanings and my condition is marginal, my doctor felt it beneficial to get a good start.  I also have a couple of front teeth with a 2 millimeter movement so I’m gonna need to see a periodontist who maybe able to help with synthetic bone or something.  I was so distraught.  What am I doing wrong?  Jim and I only used ADA approved toothpaste and brushes.  We floss.  The hygienist swears by Sonicare.  Anyone care to give me advice?  It looks like there’s a few kinds.  I’m gonna see if I can get a prescription from the dentist (Dave) and maybe I can use my Health Care Spending Account on it?  I started looking/comparing the models on the Phillips website.  So many choices, so much money.

imageWork has been good.  I’m definitely enjoying my new position.  I’m doing a lot more Home Equity applications with my clients as well as improving their return on deposits.  I don’t know much at all about investments, brokerage, etc nor do I need to in my current role.  I deal with CD’s, checking, and savings as well as loans and lines of credit other than mortgages.  Some of it is so easy some of it is hard or complicated due to state and federal regulations combined with various scripts I have to remember to read during certain situations.  Oy.

imageI forgot to mention, a couple of weeks ago, Jim and I booked flights to Florida for the end of February.  Separately.  It was his idea for he and I to do separate long weekends for a couple of reasons.  Someone would be home for Dasher and Clea.  #2 is so we don’t have to split our time there with our families but rather spend the entire time with our individual families.  I’ll see my mom and dad, grandmother, aunt, cousin and perhaps some other family.  In addition I’ll visit with Mike and Dave. 

imageWe met up with Deanna and Dave (my dentist) for dinner at Bonterra for Restaurant Week.  Below is the 3 course $30 menu we ordered from.  Jim had the mushroom salad, filet, and cheese cake.  It was OK.  I had the feta croquettes, pork tenderloin, and lava cake (I hate to think about how many points this was).  Jim and I split the meats so we could enjoy a variety.  When I cut into the pork it was raw.  I had to send it back.  It came back, mostly cooked.  There was a VERY pink area Jim didn’t eat.  It was not tender either.  We had a great time with friends but I’ll pass on the restaurant in the future.  We have one more restaurant to hit next weekend.  I’m so excited about it too.  Stay tuned.


And no, I didn’t ask Dave for a prescription for Sonicare.  Why ruin dinner with dental talk?  We did get to hear a few amusing stories from Deanna (The HR Lady).  I love her stories. 

DaveDr. Dave of University Dental

imageDeanna (The HR Lady) from Employers Advantage, LLC


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  1. I'm working the door on Friday and Saturday at Miss Chef's restaurant. Wonder if I'll see you? Actually, Miss Chef doesn't recommend people visit the first time on a busy night like that, 'cause it's hard to provide good service when you're trying to do "turn and burn" in fine-dining. Might help explain your raw pork.

    1. The place was empty... it was only 5pm! It was the only time I could get through Open Table for 6 people. Next time I won't use Open Table either.

      As far as seeing me, the other restaurant we're going to is Chima.

  2. I've read that birthing scene has caused quite a ruckus. Sets off epileptic seizures and such. Must really be something.


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