1-7-12 Saturday (Santa And The Porta-Potty)

OK, so to catch you up, on New Year’s eve morning, Grandma, Jim and I went to Mimi’s.  The 3 of us enjoyed a delicious breakfast and a mimosa toast.


For dinner we went to Olive Garden.  That was the extent of our New Year’s eve celebration.

Jim’s grandma left on New Year’s Day.  Jim and I spent the day shopping, browsing, and whatever.

Monday a few things happened.  It was my first day in my new position.  The place was so empty though.  All of the people in my previous department had the holiday off.  I got double-time-and-a-half so I can’t complain although it’s my nature to complain so consider it a complaint.  That was all tongue-twisty wasn’t it?  Anyway, I would have preferred the time off.  My first day went well; we weren’t terribly busy but thankfully not slammed with calls either.

I also started back up on Weight Watchers.  I am the heaviest I have EVER been and I’m embarrassed about it.  Enough so that I wasn’t going to post the details but then decided that perhaps it would be best to.  I mean, then I can gloat about all the weight I lose.  I am 214 pounds.  Size 38 pants.  It’s all in my belly.  I get out of breath.  I look terrible.  I can’t bend over to tie my shoes.  I have constant indigestion.  My feet hurt no matter what shoes I wear.  My back hurts 80% of the time.  There’s just so much to it.

When I first started Weight Watcher’s I posted what I ate and such.  I won’t be doing that.  Honestly, I don’t have the time.  I’ll definitely be bragging about any milestones.

On Tuesday night while cooking, I found some drops of "water" here and there on the dark wood floors.  I thought it odd and wiped it up only to find that it was "muddy".  Long story short, as I cleaned up various spots I found it to be diarrhea and later discovering it also had blood mixed in.  It was from Dasher.  I stopped everything from cooking and Jim took Dasher to Banfield (out of Petsmart).  They ran some tests and such and diagnosed it as irritable bowel for the moment.  He was prescribed an antibiotic, and some special soft food.  He came home with Jim that night and we continued dinner.  Later, I thought about what he had been eating.  I've been giving him some rawhide sticks as treats.  Small ones.  Plus he has a large rawhide that he chews on from time to time.  Facebook friends agreed that rawhide is evil and can tear a dog up so it's all going in the trash. 

Disgustingly, for the week I've been inspecting his poop and it's solid so I'm hoping all is OK.  We have a followup appointment for next week.  The day after the event, someone from Banfield called to check up on Dasher.  I was very impressed with that level of care.  I'll be sure to let them know that too.

A couple of weeks ago I won a bid on a video game through eBay.  I checked on the tracking number through USPS and it was “delivered” on the 29th.  While researching, I didn’t realize eBay had the old address and Paypal had the new one especially since eBay owns Paypal.  After work I went to the rental house and spoke to the new renter.  Here’s the conversation (I recorded it with my phone):

I sound like a dork and I’m even more of a dork for making it into a video (which was a lot of work).  Did the guy seem to hesitate a little?

It’s been a couple of days and I haven’t received any mail or cards that had previously written “not at this address”.  Why didn’t my forwarding order take care of this?  I guess I’ll stop by a post office since I can’t get a human on the post office phone number.

I stopped at the post office near my house and she tells me to go to the post office near my old house.  I hate the post office.  It’s about even with DMV.  I go to the other post office and they tell me the item was redelivered yesterday and that they don’t show a forwarding order on file for me.  Really?  I did it online in September.  You charged me $1.  I’ve received mail with yellow stickers.  You people suck.  Why doesn't the online tracking show it being redelivered.  You told me it would reflect and changes when a postal worker touches it.  I stopped by the rental again and the wife answered.  The husband came to the door as well and said they had it.  Yay!  I guess I was wrong about him.  Smile

Above/Below: Jim wanted my to take a photo of the Christmas lights before he took them down
 Saturday morning (1-7-12), Jim opened the bedroom blings and spotted 9 deer at the lot on the other side of our drainage ditch.  They went to the lot across the way and later back into the woods.  We enjoyed watching them and a couple of them played here and there:


I took several photos from the bedroom and utility room.  I love this stuff!

I posted the photo on Facebook this morning and someone wanted to know where Santa was.  I laughed.  I think he was using the porta-potty.

By the way, after all the hassle for the video game, it's not all that great... sigh.


  1. I am so glad that Dasher is okay. It is the worst when our little babies get sick !!!
    Your house looks beautiful with all those lights on. I love driving around at Christmas time and seeing all the lights.
    We get deer here too because there is a park near us. It is always fun to see them.

  2. Thanks Jodie. Jim worked hard on the lights... he always does. Me, I'm too lazy.

  3. Hope Dasher's okay! Your Christmas lights looked beautiful. :)

  4. Love the Christmas lights and tree. The deer are fun- I laughed at the Santa joke.

    I love that you recorded the convo with the new renter! Ha! And you don't sound like a dork. But you are a gamer so.... maybe you really are a dork!

    I'm firing it back up on the healthy living stuff. I've gained a ton over the past 6 months- since the big job changes- and am going to have to seriously work hard to get back on track. I'm on day 3 and have stayed under my calorie goal each day and been to the gym 2 days in a row. My biggest problem right now is evening snacking. Kids get to bed, we sit down to relax and... I want chips or ice cream or other junk. It's the biggest thing I need to work on right now. Well, aside from the gut-n-butt...

    1. Liz, if you're going to snack, try light popcorn and use flavored sprinkles. Or maybe Weight Watchers/Skinny Cow desserts?


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